Bore da! Rwy'n tseiniaidd!

Bore da!
Rwy’n tseiniaidd!
I just learn a little bit of Welsh language and when I first came to Wales, I found there is such an old language in the Wales. With learning, I know that this old language need to be protected nowadays.
Now I am doing my dissertation about Welsh language ability and people’s national identity in the Wales.
All different experience and stories about learning and using Welsh language are all welcomed. If you wanna share your stories with me, let me know!
what’s more, I can also help you learn Chinese if anyone wish to learn this language!!


@Novem you’re not exactly Welsh living in Wales but @xuelu-cui mentioning Chinese I immediatelly remembered you as you’re try to learn some Chinese. Might be extra practice??? :slight_smile:

Oh, Xuelu-cui Croeso yma as i didn’t greet you on here yet. :slight_smile:

Tatjana :slight_smile:

Hello @xuelu-cui! You’re offer is very tempting, but I can’t really take on Chinese at the moment.

I was wondering if you use the free app Amikumu? There is a Welsh speaker in Y Drenewydd (Newtown) who also speaks Chinese - Paul Harry Barron - and I think he sometimes tutors Welsh learners, so he could be a good contact for you. You can send him a message through Amikumu.

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Bu shi Cymraeg… keshi ni kanle ma? :slight_smile: I’m sure someone has shown you this film by now - but just in case!

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Which sort of Chinese do you speak/teach @xuelu-cui?

I was stunned to be discussing my (tiny word of) Mandarin with the people who have a successful “takeaway/Chinese food-to-go” business near my house.

I was re-taught the four meanings of “ma”. I can now distinguish between horse, mother, numb and a rude word (not translated).

I am not Welsh. I live in England. I shall be fluent in Welsh some day, gobeithio. For what course do you need to do this dissertation?

Mandarin is my mother tongue and I can help you with any problem about Mandarin.
May I ask why you want to learn Welsh language?
Maybe I can talk with you privately, like through messenger?

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A very warm welcome to the forum, @xuelu-cui :slight_smile: Are you in China at the moment? It would be lovely to have another pin on the map (hint, hint… :wink: ) :star2:

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Hello @xuelu-cui,

Have you seen this thread?

Lots of people have said why they want to learn Welsh.
Hope the dissertation goes well.



Hi S’mae/Sh’mae eto, xuelu-cui!

Yes, certainly - I’ll be happy to help by being interviewed. I only dragged my few words of Mandarin back into my mind from a brief fling I had with a BBC course of forty years ago when surprised to find I was buying Foo Yung and Spring rolls and Vegetables in Black bean sauce etc from a Mandarin speaking family on my doorstep here where I live in England.

I think you can find stuff out about my motivation elsewhere on this forum under other threads, but we can message each other if you like, too.

Paid i [words for worry in Welsh I have so far only heard never written : eg poeni/ brexi??.! becsa?]

(I’m about to eat a hot meal, so I can’t be asked to look it up!)

Anyway, feel free to message me here!

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@Betterlatethan beat me to it! Diolch i ti, Sue!

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no, I am studying journalism at Cardiff now. It is also the first time I start to know the Welsh language when I first came to the Wales


Lovely to have you here, and lovely to see you learning… :slight_smile:

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I want to be a Welsh speaker:

  1. to prove myself it is possible for this Dutch pensionado to learn a totally new and apparently impossible language.

  2. to enjoy the fact that I will be able to read the signs in Wales itself and starting smalltalk in the Welsh language


What is “tseiniaidd”, please? I do not have a dictionary handy, Vincent, sôri!
You sound happy about it - I think!

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Chinese I think


It is Chinese. @vincent-wibier, how is your Welsh going? Do you live in China? Or I’ve made a mistake, and you are Dutch but on this Chinese thread. Or you are Chinese and Dutch? Are you on our SSIW map? And @xuelu-cui, are things going well for you?


Dear Vincent,

While checking out the SSiW map I was delighted, surprised and amazed to see that you live in Rossum! I live in Zaltbommel and have been learning welsh for about 4,5 years now.

Ik zou heel graag een keer willen afspreken om te oefenen. Ik ben iets onzeker over hoe boodschappen op te halen van deze forum…or if you will see this one.

I am in Wales at the moment and if I dont hear anything before I get back next week I will check out the phone book and see if I can find you.

It would be gret i ymarfer yn agos zaltbommel.

Warm wishes,



Hoffen i ymarfer siarad Cymraeg gyda ti yn dda yawn!

Ik heb je een e-mail gestuurd (wat is dat in het Welsh?)

Hartelijke groet, (en wat is dat in het Welsh?)



Dwi wedi anfon ebost atoch chi… :slight_smile: