Bootcamp "Wash up"

Although I finished the bootcamp a couple of weeks ago I decided to finish my challenge of the course 1 (New) and report on that as well.
Firstly the bootcamp, although Aran said it wasn’t completely suitable for those who had finished all three courses, I found it brilliant because firstly is was fun doing all the various tasks and probably more importantly, it made me discipline myself to go back and do some more lessons as I was enjoying all the "Bora Coffees"and chatting and having days out speaking Welsh and forgetting a lot of the basics - it is all very well speaking bad Welsh but I shouldn’t be speaking VERY bad Welsh!!! We are very lucky in our area as we have a great choice of Bora coffees and “Meet ups” thanks go to Arianhod (Judy) for organising a lot of the opportunities.What is even better for us is that we have fluent Welsh speakers who go to the groups and help us all with any problems or questions.
Secondly the course 1 challenge - I WISH I had been able to do this one when I started as although obviously the “Old” courses were so very good I very much liked that the short forms of the past etc are taught on this one and also the first introduction to “Bod” wasn’t anythink like as scary - can’t wait for course 2.

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Llongyfarchiadau Carolynne, it’s great that you enjoyed the online bootcamp and got so much out of it. I wouldn’t stress about speaking bad Welsh - just celebrate speaking Welsh full stop. The more we speak, the better we will get, and as Aran and Iestyn say, celebrate you mistakes, because they are helping your brain to forge the neurological links and pathways that enable you to produce Welsh without having to think about it.

I am with you on the wait for the new Level 2 course - I am really looking forwards to it, because the Level 1 was so good.



Thank you so much for your kind words and interesting feedback, Carolynne - hugely appreciated :star: