Boot camp vs 5 day intensive

So just saw the 5 day intensive course video and fb page, but seen lots of refs on here to boot camp. What’s the difference?

I believe the 5 day intensive course is suitable for those with little or no previous exposure to Welsh, who would NOT currently be ready to spend a week “living in Welsh”.

The Bootcamps involve spending a week doing everything in Welsh. Many people may initially shrink from such an idea with shock, but I believe it is safe to say that anyone who has completed at least Level 1 SSiW will be able to cope and benefit if they put away any negative preconceptions about “not being good enough”.

Disclosure - I have not personally attended Bootcamp (could not get away for a whole week, for family reasons), but I have seen the positive outcomes on many people passing through bootcamps and have every confidence in the process.


I haven’t been to boot camp but I did the 5 day intensive in May. Approx. 12 weeks later I am so pleased because I feel like my welsh is just continually improving despite putting in minimal effort at the moment (last lesson that I did was about 3 weeks ago) . I am using less and less subtitles whilst watching s4c and I am understanding longer and longer portions of radio Cymru.


For Bootcamp, we require you to have finished Level 1 (and the further you’ve got, the better) - it’s essentially a one-off trigger to take the Welsh you’ve learnt and make it productive - to show you that you have become a Welsh speaker, capable of living your life though the medium of Welsh.

The 5 dayers, by contrast, are open to absolute beginners, and are all about learning as much as possible in a brief time - Bootcamp isn’t about learning, it’s about using… :slight_smile: