Boom Cymru wants Welsh learners for S4C show Ffasiwn Drefn!

Boom Cymru is planning to make a new TV show for S4C featuring people who need a hand to sort out and organise their clothes and wardrobe, so they’re looking for participants who love shopping and keep too much clothing.

I would love to be involved. I have a house full of clothes which I need sorted. I have cupboards and dressers in every room full of clothes and clothes in bags based on seasons. Work outfits, going out out outfits, casual and beach clothing. There’s is so much, I can no longer see where to go. Every time I get rid of a bag of clothes, I have already bought more. I just love clothes

You sound like the ideal participant! Make sure you get in touch :clap:

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How do I respond and where please x

The email address for more information is in the poster -

Another BIG shout out to our SSi community!

Do you want to be in the new series of 'Ffasiwn Drefn’ by Boom Cymru? Because they really, really, really want a Welsh learner to be part of the next series!

If you haven’t heard of the show before - "Lara Catrin and professional organiser Gwenan Rosser set out to sort out, declutter and transform bedrooms and wardrobes all over Wales”.

Why should you want to take part? Well because you get SO much more than tidying up your wardrobe and sorting out your clothes! The truth is you get a room makeover and a lots of freebies.

The first series has started broadcasting on S4C every Monday at 20:25 - you can catch up on S4C Clic or BBC iPlayer!

For more information email

Go on you know you want to! :smiley:

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