Books in northern Welsh

I am learning northern welsh, I can only find southern books. Are there any northern ones?

Llyfr Glas Nebo by Manon Steffan Ros would be a good one

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Gwers Mewn Cariad by Beca Jones too
EDIT Thank you Aran for picking me up on my error I meant of course Beca Brown :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’m looking for Southern and keep on finding Northern! :smiley:
Any Southern you came across and can tell me? Thanks!

Book for learners, in very basic Welsh I’ve enjoyed despite being a bit confused by the expressions I’m not familiar with:
Gansgsters Yn Y Glaw by Pegi Talfryn

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These are all books for learners which I’ve enjoyed :slight_smile:
North: The Blodwyn Jones trilogy by Bethan Gwanas, also Pen Dafad and Yn Ei Gwsg by Bethan Gwanas.

South: Sgŵp! By Lois Arnold


Un Nos Ola Leuad (One Moonlit Night) (1961) by Caradog Prichard is the archetypal Gog novel - translated into dozens of languages including of course English. The Welsh is simple and natural, and 100% spoken Gog - the narrator is a child, you see. I thoroughly recommend all learners of the Gog persuasion to have this book side-by-side with the English translation - you will learn lots! :slight_smile:

There’s an extract from it in my Welsh Reader - with notes!! :smiley:


North: “Diffodd y Sêr - hanes Hedd Wyn” is written in the Northern dialect - actually, it’s so Northern I couldn’t understand it, and it’s still waiting for me to read it - I should probably give it a try now.
“Mudferwi” by Rebecca Roberts (my favourite novel from this year).
“Hi yw fy ffrind” and, as far as I understand, most novels by Bethan Gwanas
“Fi a Mr Huws” by Mared Lewis (a novel for learners, although, I think, level Uwch learners) has Gog characters

South: novels by T.Llew Jones. Written in the South-Western Welsh I love so much:)
I think “Dysgu byw” by Sarah Reynolds is set in the South, but I might be mistaken.


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