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Below is a link to some books I am currently reading (when listening isn’t an option) that I have found useful and they seem to sit well with the SSIW course. There is also a link to a YouTube channel that I found/find interesting, funny and most importantly relevant to the course we are doing with SSIW.

I bought all three books as I’m a bit of a bibliophile (They’re also available and cheaper as audiobooks) I found all 3 helpful in different ways and they answered a lot of questions I had and are great reference points to keep going back to.

I’m still using the books and re-watching the YouTube blogs (or vlogs) and highly recommend them.

I live in a predominantly English speaking area but have managed to surround myself in welsh with the help of the superb SSIW course and forum, Cyd Hwlffordd in Pembs, Cylch darllen in Barry, Radio Cymru, S4C and more recently the YouTube channel by Nicky, which has been particularly helpful 9as he’s already gone through the same learning process) and also the books by Dewi Rhys Jones.

It’s great to see so many people with the common goal of sharing and spreading Cymraeg for little or no financial gain but for the love of the language itself.

Da iawn Pawb.

Hoping to make the SSIW Party in June and maybe attend a boot camp later in the year.


That’s @Nicky . He learned with SSiW as well.


Thanks for the mention guys!

I’m filming my next video tomorrow, it’s been 2.5 weeks since my last one - which is pretty long in my world :smiley:

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Thanks Craig,

Yes he (Nicky) mentions SSIW always in his interviews, a good ambassador.


Your welcome, Look forward to watching it.

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