Booking: Tresaith Bootcamp, April 2015

Booking is open for the April bootcamp, which runs from 4pm Saturday 25th of April to 10am Saturday 2nd May.

Cost is £260. We are not certain of running until there are 6 people signed up (to cover our costs), but we shall keep a close eye, and keep you updated on how many places there are left.

Here is the link for booking:

Due to unforseen circumstances, there is now 1 place left on April bootcamp!

Please remember the following bootcamp conditions:

  1. Bootcamp payments are, generally speaking, not refundable. Your money will, of course be refunded in full if we cancel the bootcamp, but if you pull out, we reserve the right not to return anything. This is especially true if you pull out close to the date, making it difficult to fill your place. Please make sure that you are definitely wanting to come on bootcamp, and please take out holiday insurance (yes, this is a holiday!) to cover your costs in the event of a change of circumstance.

  2. No language except Welsh is allowed during bootcamp. There is a time for orientation at the start and an introduction in English, so that we all start on the same page, but after that you will not speak English (or any language other than Welsh) until the following Saturday.

  3. Bootcamp is for people who have completed the material in course 1, including the vocab lessons. If you are a non-SSiWer, then please do lesson 25 (south) or 26 (north), and vocab unit 10, and if you can’t keep up, then fly through the course to give yourself a chance at bootcamp.

  4. Bootcamp is one of the most frightening, rewarding, tiring, exhilirating experiences you will ever take part in. If you
    throw yourself in, you will end the week as a Welsh speaker. If you are half hearted, you will probably not enjoy the experience, and you certainly won’t get the most out of it. Please be committed!!!

  5. That’s all sounded a bit serious… Bootcamp is a holiday in one of the most beautiful parts of Wales (and thus, the world). You will spend a week with lovely people, visiting lovely places, and doing interesting things. You will have fun, and go home with beautiful memories that will last you a life time, and firm friendships that will take your Welsh to a new level. Come on holiday, and go home a Welsh speaker - how’s that for a bargain!!!

Let us know below when you book, and if you have any questions.

That link again:


Hurrah! Booked!

Thanks v. much - most excited about this.


I am booked in too :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to get son proper practice in x

That was quick! 5 down, 5 to go!

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I’m in!

I’ve just booked! Iestyn please note that I’ll happily decant to alternative accomodation if you need more room for first timers, either the self catering next door or camping, I genuinely like camping. Just four months away, it’ll be upon us before we know it.
Hi Helen, anyone else we know on board yet?

Quick request for some added info. My friends in Wales would like to know which Tresaith it is. I understand that there are two. Would you be willing to give me the postcode or some other way of telling. We are womdering if I can commute in if I promise to only speak welsh at their place :slight_smile: elkie

Tresaith, Cardigan, Ceredigion, SA43 2JL

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What kind of accommodation is there for the bootcamp? Is everyone located in one house, do we cook for each other, are the rooms all single etc.



Hi, I’m a first timer from Sydney, Australia, and have now booked for the April Bootcamp.

I’ll be flying to London arriving there Tuesday 21 April. I plan to see family & friends in London. Then I need to get over to Wales and Tresaith.

I would appreciate a lift to get to Tresaith. I could make my way over by public transport to a convenient location, maybe Cardiff, or wherever.

Any ideas please let me know.

Thanks Elizabeth

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Hi Peter,

We run the Tresaith Bootcamps on a ‘cheap and cheerful’ approach, and stay in a hostel, which has two large bunk bed rooms (with about 20 in each room, from memory) - and we usually go for a ‘everyone cooks one night, in pairs’ kind of rota, although that’s dependent on individual needs.

It’s possible, if people get in touch in time, to book in the holiday lets in the same terrace as the Canolfan - but since we don’t get any discount on our use of the Canolfan, we can’t offer a discount for people who choose to make their own accommodation arrangements, so it is rather a last resort for those who are too appalled for words at the thought of sharing a large room…:wink:

Booked in 3 days ago.
I’m a “returnee” as Dee wrote. I was in the 2013 April Bootcamp.
Wonderful experience it was.
Looking forward to meeting you.

o Lydaw

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Hi Elizabeth, I can probably pick you up from Carmarthen station (london Paddington train goes straight through to it I think) on my way up to Tresaith…we can chat nearer the time when I know for sure that I’m driving and the arrival times etc

Thanks so much for your reply. I’ll be flying into London 21 April then staying with my niece & family for a few days before getting across to Wales for the bootcamp.

I realise it’s still a while off to organise but I appreciate your response.

Seasons Greetings. Elizabeth

I know people are already arranging lifts for the later bootcamps, so I just wanted to say that if anyone needs a lift from the Machynlleth or Aberystwyth areas, I am happy to pick them up on my way south to Tresaith for the April bootcamp.

Also, if anyone wants to break their journey with an overnight stay near Machynlleth (e.g. @pollypolly), I have room at my house for 1-2 people, before and/or after bootcamp.

And I will be driving from Cardiff, so can offer a lift from there. I was planning to stop at the National Wool Museum on the way, but a little birdie told me that might be one of the trips out during the week, so the passenger might not have to endure my yarn obsession after all.

I love going to the wool museum; I’ve been at least eight times now on Bootcamps. I find the old machinery absolutely fascinating.

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I haven’t yet taken my inning wheel to boot camp as I usually go by public transport, but I certainly take yarn projects with me. Remember this is your holiday and your yarn is either silent, or speaks Welsh!

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Spinning Wheel.