Booking for Tresaith Bootcamps 2017 - what's changing?

There will probably be fewer bootcamps during 2017, so we are changing the way we book bootcamps in 2017.

During 2016, we had 3 well attended bootcamps, and one that was cancelled, because it was under-subscribed. The people who had booked (and paid) for the cancelled bootcamp had to re-arrange – one attended another bootcamp, the others had refunds and had to cancel any travel arrangements etc.

Under the old booking system, the decision to cancel cannot be made until a month or less before the bootcamp starts, and is a finely balanced (and highly stressful) decision between “Are we likely to get a new bwtcamper or two in the next week”, and “If we leave this any longer, people are going to be on their way before we cancel”.

A bootcamp with a low number of attendees is difficult, because there are not enough people to keep fresh conversations popping up naturally, and low numbers make local attractions less likely to offer guided tours and fun activities. So, we set an upper limit of 10 people, to keep things personal and cosy, but that 10 is also a target – we need those numbers to make bwtcamp work for the bwtcampers.

So, in 2017, I will not be opening booking for any bootcamp until at least 10 people (preferably more – there’s always reasons that some have to pull back) have expressed an interest in booking. You can do that on the individual bootcamp page – just click on reply and say “me me me”. I’ll only count after having a coffee, in case I count that as 3 people…

If there’s not enough interest by a given cut-off date, then we will cancel that week – there’s no “logging in every day to see if the numbers have risen” or other stress involved for bwtcampers with travel arrangements to confirm / cancel, or indeed, for Cat and I and the half dozen or so kids that appear to come with us every time.

When there is enough interest shown, I will announce the booking period (open for 7 days starting at 09:00 GMT on 17th of Never etc). Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, although it’s worth noting when you express an interest if there’s some reason that you should be given preference.

As soon as a bootcamp is fully booked, then we can start to explore a new date and start the process again.

We hope that by booking in this way, we can open future dates quickly (in some cases, more quickly than before, because we don’t have to wait around for a previous week to fill first – we can just cancel a week where there’s not enough interest, and move on).


I’m interested in attending a bootcamp this year, from September onwards when my annual leave year in work starts.

Keep me in mind.


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OK, Dave.

I’m hoping to be able to put on one more bootcamp in September - it will be from 23rd to 30th. I’ll be looking to announce that for definite in May, I would imagine - it depends on what else is happening.

So, keep learning in the emantime, and we’ll see you soon!



Me me me!

September me me me

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Defintley interested in coming to Tresaith bootcamp in September,edrych ymlaen cofion cynnes Bob

There is now a September bootcamp “Tell me your interested” page here: [Sold Out] 2017 September Bootcamp Tresaith. Sept 23-30

Could you let me know who’s up for it, and we’ll see about arranging things!


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Dear Iestyn I’m interested but don’t know /never been to same how long? where? etc. Am on Level 2 lesson 12 and loving it. Clare

@ClareRussell, follow the link above and it will give you the dates. If you have done level one you’ve done enough SSIW tp benefit from bootcamp. I can’t recommend lit enough. Go for it.

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Shw mae, Clare?

The mimnimum “level” we ask for is that you have completed level 1 or course 1 of the SSiW course. If you have that much, then you have enough to enjoy the week without burning up from frustration.

There is one more week available this year - 23rd - 30the September, with interest being shown in this thread: [Sold Out] 2017 September Bootcamp Tresaith. Sept 23-30

Tresaith is dorm style accomodation, although the 20 bed dorm is divided into 3 or 4 areas, so it’s not too full on. And we ban speaking English for the week, which means that everyone gets to use every single drop of Welsh that they have, and make up the bits that they don;t have yet.

It’s plenty of fun, and works absopute wonders for your Welsh!

It would be great to see you there.



Can you give me the address and timings please? C

I’ve given you some answers here.

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Helo, dw i newydd gweld oedd 'na bootcamp yn mis Medi. Bechod! Dw i’n aelod newydd yn y forum. Bydd 'na bootcamps yn 2018? Mae’n well gen i yn y Gogledd ond byddai’n iawn rywle arall.

Iestyn - Would also be interested in a 2018 bootcamp…tipyn bach “wrinklie” ond dw i’n gallu yfed gwin goch yn dda iawn!
Gobeithio tan 2018, Ffi

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Dw i’n edrych ymlaen at y cyfle i siarad mwy. Dw i angen gymaint o ymarfer a phosib. Bydd hi’n debygol neu posib? Gobeithio. Ffi

Hello Ffi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

To keep everything here accessible even to new learners or those who may know a fair bit of spoken Welsh but have little experience with writing, it’s a good idea to keep our posts to English or at least supply an English translation if we use more than a word or two of Welsh in our posts :slight_smile:

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Oops, seems like I should have written my email in English too. Mae’n drwg gen i. Was just saying how I am looking forward to a northern bootcamp as I need as much practice as possible …

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Not sure yet if we’ll be running a northern bootcamp in 2018 - but you don’t need to wait for a northern bootcamp - every bootcamp (including ones that happen in the north!) has a mixture of learners following the northern and southern version. Hearing the alternatives helps you improve your ability to follow Welsh conversations in the wild… :slight_smile:

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That’s what I kept hearing, but when I went on a Southern Bootcamp, I was the only one who had been following the northern lessons. I listened to some of the southern lessons before going, and was glad I did. Although there aren’t lots of differences, some of the common words and phrases are different, and it helped me to be familiar with them. I do hope to be able to be part of a northern Bootcamp some day, and am grateful to have been on the southern one.

How soon will we hear about the next bootcamp. I am itching to get practising…!