Booking for Tresaith Bootcamps 2017 - what's changing?

For the southern ones, it’s when @Iestyn gets the chance to make some decisions about dates…

For the northern one, I think there’s a fighting chance 2018 will be a skip year for us, I’m afraid - not 100% certain yet, but it’s already looking tricky to fit in…

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A pity, as I liked the generally more “luxury” nature of the northern ones!

But I gather that running one is a lot of work, and if that doesn’t fit into the schedule, I understand.


Also very interested in a Northern boot camp :slight_smile:

Hi. I’d be interested in a 2018 boot camp (preferably either Jan/Feb or may onwards?).
Again I’d be another one interested in northern one but I’d go on southern one as well

I’m thinking we should be getting a heads-up who’s interested sort of post for the first 2018 bootcamp pretty soon, shouldn’t we @Iestyn?

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Aha! Diolch for the poke, Sionned!

I have put a few details on *Sold Out!* Bwtcamp 21-28 April 2018! for you.

See you over there…