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Slightly random question for people who read books aimed at young people. I’ve got a bit fed up with the last couple of books I’ve read…

Somebody told me that Gareth F Williams has written some good stuff for young people. (I have read his novel Dyfi Jyncshiyn which is rather good, but at bit long and serious.) I’m looking for some nice entertaining things to read over Easter which are good but not too challenging (and maybe could be shared with my 10 year old). Gareth F Williams seems to have written so much, it’s hard to know where to start. Could anyone recommend anything by him, or anyone else?

Many thanks!

I’ve read 3 of his books, Anji, tacsi i’r hunllef and tacsi i’r tywyllwch and I wouldn’t say that any of them would be suitable for a 10 year old. Anji would be ok in two or three years maybe. Bethan Gwanas has a few good ones.


I know you’re a fan of MSR but have you read Trwy’r Darlun and Trwy’r Tonnau? They are very good, fantasy type books that would be suitable.


Have you tried anything by T Llew Jones? The stories are great and not too tough.


Bethan Gwanas books that would be ok include Llinyn Trôns, Ceri Grafu, Sgôr and Pen Dafad. (I’ve still got more to read yet so I’ll let you know.)


Great, thanks very much @gruntius and @steve_2.

Bethan Gwanas is always good value of course, and I haven’t read any of those ones. (We enjoyed ‘Y Gwylliaid’ very much.)

We’ve read ‘Troi’r Darlun’ etc, which went down very well. (The little character that can’t pronounce r’s makes trying to read aloud even harder, but Steffi loved him!)

I enjoyed ‘Tan ar y Comin’ and ‘Cri’r Dylluan’, but I gave up half way through the pirate one. Unfortunately I misjudged ‘Tan ar y Comin’ with Steffi - she got really upset at the death of the grandfather and didn’t want to read any more, although I had thought that she’d enjoy it.
Have you particularly enjoyed anything else by T Llew Jones?


Ooh, I forgot about y Gwylliaid, one of my favourites.

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Tan ar y Comin was my favourite.

Your posting made me realise that I hadn’t read much that was suitable for children so I dropped a line to a friend who’s involved with the Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it.

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Wow, thank you! It’s always great to get more suggestions. I liked ‘Tan ar y Comin’ too!