Board Game Cafe Swansea

Newish enterprise has just started a recurring Welsh board game evening.

It’s in At Helens Road Swansea. I’m played there in English a few times. Good coffee and snacks.

Alternate Wednesdays. Next is the 19th July


One for the newsletter @Deborah-SSi ?

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Bonus useful phrase: Pob yn ail - every other, every second.

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Nos yfory - tomorrow night!

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It was fun. We played some Very Silly card games and Spyfall. Spyfall works very well indeed yn Gymraeg because it’s mostly pictures amd lots of asking questions around locations amd occupations. I hadn’t played before and it instantly made me want a localised version specifically for playing in Cymraeg!


Sounds like a brilliant idea. Unfortunately my Wednesday evenings are booked up with other things for the foreseeable future. Everything seems to happen on Wednesdays!


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