Bill Davies

Why is “it” hi in lesson 8 but becomes “e” in lesson 9 as in ddweud e ? p.s. i’m finding this Forum very hard and confusing to use any tips on how to find out how to use it gratefully received!

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“it” can be masculine of feminine in Welsh - when we use “it” to refer to a feminine thing, then “it”=“hi”, and when we use “it” to refer to a masculine thing, then “it”=“e” (or in some regions, “o”). It’s extremely difficult when you’re learning to know what is feminine and what is masculine, so don’t worry at all about using the wrong one - it’ll take time before your instinct tells you which sounds right in which place.

The forum is a bit of a big beast, yes! But at it’s simplest, it’s just a big place for discussion.
You can create a new topic - like you have here - or you can reply (by pressing the blue reply button) to any existing thread.
To search for something, you can click on the magnifying glass in the top banner.

There are lots of other features, but it would be a long list to explain them all, so really if you have any specific queries, just ask and help will be at hand!


Can you explain how to ask please?

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Just ask the question either in a new post, or in an existing thread - for instance, you’ve asked about “it” changing from hi to e in a new post, which is great, and you’ve asked about how to ask in an existing thread (i.e. this thread!), so you’re already doing things right!

To ask in someone else’s existing thread, click on the title in the main list, scroll to the end if it’s a long thread (you can do this quicker by dragging down the slider within the page on the right of the thread - some threads are very, very long!), then post your comment or question by pressing the reply button as you did here. :slight_smile:


One thing that might help, when asking a question, would be to put the topic in the title.
Here, you used your name as the title of this topic. I clicked on it out of curiosity, not knowing what to expect, but others might be less inclined to just click, without knowing the topic. If you had titled it something like "Do “hi” and “e” both mean “it”?, then more people would be likely to read the post and answer it.
I’m another rank beginner in learning Welsh.