Bilingual Cwiz Swansea 18th July

Hiya folks

I’m helping organise this with Cymdeithas next week - would be fab to have a SSIW team or two!



This is tomorrow :slight_smile:

O sori @leiafee - I didn’t see this in time for today’s newsletter. If you could tag me if you post any other events, that would be great. Diolch :slight_smile:


I would love to attend this event. Is there anyone from this forum going that I could tag along with please or, anyone that would be interested in getting together to form a team?

I think @daioni is going and possibly some of the Tŷ Tawe folk who have some SSIW overlap. @neilrowlands?

Ali- I’ll be there, as will Leia and other learners. Owen from Cymdeithas yr Iaith will be there too- just ask for any of us when you arrive.

Anyone know what the craic is with the location of this? Apparently Karla and daioni just turned up and the place is closed and has changed name… I was hoping to go too! :slight_smile: I’ve tried calling the number on the Cymdeithas site, but the person I spoke to didn’t know; he gave me Owen’s phone number but that isn’t going through…

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OK update (in case anyone else has the same problem and sees this in time!) - I’ve heard from Leia, the place is apparently going under a different name but is indeed on Argyle St, just by the corner with the main road at the south end. :slight_smile:

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Name on the utside is still "Little Rascals - it’s a bit of a work in progress!

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Well that was fun… diolch Leia :slight_smile:

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We like chaos! As you people probably gathered the venue is a bit of a work in progress. It’s planned to run partyly as a community venue and student business so should be a good spot for the future they keen to do things like events and pop-up classes and stuff.

Would be great to get those nicely bilnigual and with Welsh included from the start!