Beth am I ni gael?

Hi, I’m struggling to remember this phrase because I don’t understand it! Can anyone help me break it up? Why is the ‘beth’ there? Is it the future?

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To me it’s just like “what about we” - I assume this is normal English, but may be Wenglish? and perhaps “shall we” is better English for “what about we” or “what abouts we” - So to me it’s natural in English to say “what abouts we get something from the shop” or “what abouts we go down the pub” - beth am yn ni fynd i’r dafarn.

I wonder now, thinking in Wenglish, if there’s a Welsh translation for “where abouts is that then” or “where abouts are you now”


Thanks! That makes complete sense now! I’m sure I’ll be able to remember it. Really appreciate quick reply too.


I am not the best on the Forum by any means, but ‘beth’=‘what’, ‘am’=for, about, of, at
‘ni’=‘us’ and ‘gael’ from ‘cael’=have
so I would say. “What shall we have?”
but @aran or @Iestyn are the experts!

Hi Mandy,

“Beth am i ni gael?”

The closest I would say to this in English would be “What about if we get?” or perhaps “Let’s get…”
Perhaps it may be useful to look at these two phrases which kind of get the message over about the same sort of things:

“Beth am i ni gael rhywbeth?” Let’s get… (as in “Let’s go and get something?”)
“Awn ni rhedeg heno?” Let’s go (as in “Let’s go running tonight?”)

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Sorry, I didn’t answer that bit properly.

The what is there, because the phrase when translated word to word is literally

“What about if we get…”

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Diolch yn fawr, dw i’n meddwl bo fi dall rwan, thanks, I think I understand now.


Thanks for your help.

Thankyou. That one’s been driving me mad too!

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