Best way to use the listening exercises

Bore da pawb!

We’ve just got onto the first listening exercise for Level 1, and we’re not really sure of the best way to approach it. The guidance on the website suggests not really paying much attention and doing other things while it plays in the background. Should we not try to translate it as it plays?

Diolch yn fawr!


Hi, I tend to go along with the view that listening intently is not a good idea. I get ‘hooked’ on a word and then miss everything else and start again.

The best description I could give is to let it wash over you, perhaps while you are doing something else like washing up etc.

Hope this helpsb:)


That sounds stressful, so no - don’t measure yourself in any way on it, just let it play, and let your attention settle on it lightly, if that makes any sense. It’s not the end of the world if you do something else entirely while it’s playing, but the ideal state is listening but not worrying about understanding. How does that sound? :sunny:

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