Best suggested MP3 player with speakers for use with course

The course tutor recommends getting an MP3 player to us with the course - would be useful when travelling if one with reasonable speakers ( I hate using headphones ). Also I have Bluetooth speakers so any recommendations of device with usable speakers and Bluetooth built into the unit would be good . Also wireless connection to allow me to download the course easily ( MP3 files from the Internet ) - would be useful. Any suggestions ( or ones to avoid ).


An android 'phone would do all of that. You can pick them up surprisingly cheaply these days, particularly from ebay - less than £40 is pretty common. And you get a smartphone into the bargain!

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Nice idea, didn’t think of that!

One thing to be mindful of - the amount of storage tends to be limited in cheaper handsets. If all you’re going to use it for is Welsh lessons then you probably don’t need to worry.

Taking the file size as 20-30MB per lesson, means you’ll need around 500-750MB per course - if you intend to keep the entire course on the device at the same time, that is.

My budget Android of choice is a Motorola Moto E - retails for around £80, but it does have 5000MB of storage available, meaning that should you be stuck on a desert island, and you can rig up a solar generator out of coconuts, you could store every single Welsh lesson it

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here’s an earlier thread

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If you get the Android, you might also look at downloading the SSiW app for it (there’s one for iPhone, too). It is a really easy way of using the phone for the lessons.


Sorry, I’m about six months late with this - Also with the phone you get a speaker. The only thing is if you are driving, you can’t really play around with the pause button, etc. I tended to just let the lesson run for safety reasons and even ignore a few minutes, when driving events required extra concentration and then to repeat the lesson before moving on to the next one.

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