Best places for online speaking practice?

Hey there, I tried to learn a few years ago, and got very frustrated, so I decided to wait until I had more time, I just now. I’m about five lessons into the southern course, and realising that I have a large problem. I live very very far outside of Wales, and would like to find a place where I can speak it online. I’ve always been fascinated with Welsh, and find the say something in method quite revolutionary, so decided to give them both a try in one go. however, where would be a good place to practice Welsh online, speaking since I have no idea how to write anything that I’m learning how to speak? thank you

Here is the best place! SSIW have many talking opportunities on Slack, and someone more up to date than me will tell you how to join Slack. Then you can find people from all over, talking and listening Cymraeg, to their hearts content. SSIW has pretty much everything you need to speak the language of heaven. Perhaps not everything you want, but certainly all you need. Welcome to our community.

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There are plenty of people from very, very far outside Wales in our Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) group on Slack - people from all over the world as well as from here in Wales, and at all levels of learning, from 1st word to 1st language! Lots of opportunities to have chats with or without video and either one-to-one or in group hangouts. :smiley:

To join, all you have to do to get started is send an email with WSP in the title to for an invite.


Forgive me for my spelling, I haven’t learned it yet.
Dween hoffee sharad cymrig, ond dweeviman sharad cymrig unva. I think I just said, I like speaking Welsh, but I do not speak Welsh well.
This is really a lot of fun for me, as I get a lot of strange looks on the bus that I don’t really care about. I think I want to take another five lessons before I joined the slack, but I’m really really excited about this journey. I’m still not sure why am doing it, but I’m really having fun.


Don’t worry, that will come in time - we can’t spell in our mother tongue straight away either :wink:

Yes, that is what you said :slight_smile: - “Dwi’n hoffi siarad Cymraeg, ond dwi ddim yn siarad Cymraeg yn dda.”
All you need on the end is “eto” (yet) - because you will soon! :smiley:

I found a copy of a translation of my favourite novel into Welsh that I purchased a few years ago, Harry Potter and the philosopher’s Stone. I’m a little nervous about opening it, I don’t think I’m ready for that yet, but my goal is to be able to comprehend that in Welsh.

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Ah, yes - maybe save that for a little later (but you will get there!). There is a book club thread here with lots of recommendations for books suitable to start with - might be worth having a peek at that :slight_smile: