Best ever Cornish bumper sticker

I’ve seen many different Cornish bumper stickers, such as the silhouette of an engine house, a pair of flags, etc. However I think this is by far the best.


:rofl: I’ve seen that one too! Now if only we could get it transliterated into Kernewek, too, it’d be alliterative: KYFEYTH KYNSA. But then no-one else (including the Devonians) would get it…

My other favourite one that I’ve seen (on the same St Piran’s Cross background) is NON EMMET.

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I’m afraid that would not apply to me.

Nor to me, don’t worry. I’m an Aussie and I’ve never lived in Cornwall — I do have some Cornish ancestry, but that’s several generations back and it definitely doesn’t exempt me from being an emmet. I just try not to act too much like one when I’m over there! :wink:

:rofl: Oh dear :rofl:

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:+1::+1::+1: Wow!!! :grinning:


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?..tyski Kernewek?! …tesky Kernowek, surely?

Hi Pincher,

It’s just the difference in spelling / pronunciation between Revived Middle Cornish and Revived Late Cornish, that’s all — basically, there have been a LOT of disputes over the years between different factions in the language movement over which historical period to use as the basis for the revived language, and over which spelling system is the “best”. The increasingly widespread Standard Written Form allows for both Middle and Late-style spellings and pronunciations, but Revived Middle Cornish is the most popular version being learned and spoken today and that’s what’s used in SSiCornish.

Courtenay wheg,
Mur ras dhys ha kemer wyth.
Oll an gwella,