Behind the scenes - the whole Jeremy Vine thing

I’ve started a write-up of the whole thing - hope you find it fun…




Brilliant blog - I’m looking forward to the next two chapters.
When offered coffee, you should definitely have said loudly (perhaps even in Welsh) "Yes, please, Jezza. Could I have a drop of whisky in it? "
When was it / will it be broadcast?

I’m embarassed to ask but Maureen insists. She fell in love with the voice of the bass in the Welsh choir during the radio 2 show. She has aked me to ask you if he was as good looking as he sounded. :blush:


Loved it! Can’t wait for the rest! :slight_smile:

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A very interesting read!

Two areas of London I’m a big fan of! I don’t do much work in London these days, compared to what I used to do about this time two years ago - but I used to frequent London Welsh Centre pretty often.

Plus I’m sure I saw you tweeting about trying to find somewhere for a coffee around Fitzrovia, I was going to reply but then I couldn’t find the tweet again! Fitzrovia is my specialist area, that’s where my office used to be :smiley:


A great blog!
Only just over two hours to get to sleep with all that lot going on? :astonished:
(And I’m guessing you probably didn’t need that haircut. :grin:)


Tell her I said 'Absolutely not! Looked like a real wrong ‘un to me. Definitely best to stick with Huw!’… :wink:

The broadcasts are over and done - the telly stuff was on Channel 5, which has a catch-up thingy somewhere, but it wasn’t exactly dramatic - apart from the worrying moment when I had no idea where to put a plate of welshcakes… :wink:

@nicky - yup, I was definitely keen for some Fitzrovia input - but the London Welsh crew saved me, so no worries… :wink:

@alanp - definitely STILL need the haircut!.. :wink:


Looked like a real wrong ‘un to me

I’ll pass on the news to M (with some relief) :laughing:


I remember seeing a video posted somewhere by @aran maybe? (not from the TV, unfortunately, that I’d be actually curious to see.)

I’m not really a choir fan and I may be biased, but definitely no striking sight in that group, don’t worry. :grin:

The only thing I remember is aran trying to avoid being hit on the head by the conductor! That was hilarious! :rofl: