I have recently started to learn welsh on Duolingo. I have just been recommended this website and have tried the first sentence given in the trial and I already have a question :grin:

I picked to learn Southern Welsh as I am moving from England to Rhandirmwyn in Carmarthenshire next year!

Sentence number 1 is :. Dwi moyn dysgu. . In Duolingo I have been learning . Dw I eisiau dysgu.

Am I learning the northern words on Duolingo? or is it just another way of saying want.

Excited to be here.

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You lucky person. Rhandirmwyn is a beautiful village in the upper Tywi valley. I still enjoy going there past Llyn Brianne over the mountain road from Tregaron.

“Moyn” is mainly a Southern word for “want” probably used in Rhandirmwyn for example, but eisiau would be understood everywhere although it may be pronounced “ishe” or “isho”. Eisiau can also mean “need” especially in the South (but let’s not go there):smile:

Croeso i Gymru a croeso i’r iaith / Welcome to Wales and welcome to the language.



Diolch for your quick reply Huw!
Yes it is a beautiful place isn’t it. My new home is north of Rhandirmwyn right next to Ogof Twm Sion Cati so very near Llyn Brianne reserviour!
I’ve alot to learn with Cymraeg. It’s all very daunting but exciting.
I was wondering whether Duolingo will actually hinder me with wrong certain words like this. But I do find it quite a good way of learning , so I will stick with it as well!
From browsing through this forum everyone seems very welcoming!

Yes. Twm Sion Cati (local boy made bad) was reputedly born in Tregaron, just 7 miles from me in Ystrad Meurig.

You must be very close to the excellent RSPB reserve where you can see all sorts of woodland species including Redstart. If you are interested, you could check out the “What’s Outside” thread on this forum where you can see a wide range of descriptions of Flora and Fauna along with their Welsh names. (I think Redstart is Tingoch by the way).

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Dax - I’ve found it helpful to use the search function on the forum - there’s loads of good information in posts from the past.
If you search ‘moyn/eisiau’ you will see some good discussions.

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I’ve found Duo and SSIW complement each other, in my case at least. I seem to cover more ground on Duo, as with SSIW I often have to do the lessons multiple times! So when Aran introduces a few new words, I’ve already seen them in Duo.

Regards north/south dialects: I’ve found Duo somewhat biased to the southern vocabulary. More than once I’ve used eg. “isio” or “licio” and they’ve been marked wrong (and I’ve reported it haha)

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Llongyfarchiadau @robert-john-summers .
A service to the language. :+1: