Beginner Welsh Meetup Friday June 3rd Cardiff

Hello everyone,

We are a group college students from Québec, we speak French, English and learning Welsh (Basic introductions and numbers!) We have activities and games. Contact me directly if you are interested and discuss time and place. We’d love to hear from you!

We will be in Cardiff (Central) Friday June 3rd.

Diolch yn fawr!

Jean-François Joubert

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What are you planning to do?

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Hello Alice…
Well this is my fourth time with students in Wales but this is the first time we are doing this.
Hence the “contact me directly” bit, hoping to look less like the newby that I am.
I normally teach English here in Québec, so I am going to adapt “getting to know each other” type activities.
Hopefully a few surprises as well.
Yesterday we had a great time doing a double carousel? Where the center circle stays put and the outside circle moves, switching partners for a quick repetition of set phrases. All orally, nothing written down.

We also have a game of “Werewolf”…
I translated bits I could in Welsh… but we need all the help we can get haha…

Does this seem ok?


Hold on! I have a better answer!
How do we organise the best Welsh language meetup possible?

I’ll get this thread into this week’s newsletter as a start. With it being half term perhaps more people will be able to make it to Cardiff. Are you happy for me to put your email address in the newsletter?


sounds quite good, I’m just wondering about work, what time were you planning?

Don’t forget that the group is also visiting Aberystwyth and Machynlleth (see other threads - perhaps they could be merged together?).

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Well no sense in being shy I guess, this is the place to organise things… And I’m North American, so here goes… please tell me if any of this doesn’t make any sense :smile:
We’ll be at the Nosda in Cardiff Friday June 3rd, we could maybe “barge in” at Cwp’s in Aberystwyth Monday June 6th and we’ll be at Canolfan Corris Hostel Wednesday June 8th…

We could meet for lunch around 6, the group (we are 17… ages 17-21) can prepare buffet style food…our charge no worries (I’d need of course to talk to the owners eventually hihi, they might add a few things, we would take care of that)

Other activities I’ve thought of… bingo (could we sell the cards, give a third to a winner and give two thirds to a charity to make it more interesting?), well… any getting to know each other activities would be great…

We are leaving tomorrow, and out of communication range while we get our local sim cards sorted until Wednesday… yes of course share the email :smile:
Diolch yn fawr… all suggestions are welcome!

See below :slight_smile:

Bon soir Jean,

The best way to get a group of people speaking Welsh, in my (admittedly limited) experience is to just start speaking Welsh, and to encourage other people to use their Welsh as much as they can. It’ll be difficult for them, but the difficulty is what’ll make them better at it. Many people believe that people have fixed talents, and refuse to do difficult things because they see failing as a sign that they don’t have that fixed talent for a thing. Getting people to think with a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset is a large part of helping them learn skills that require actual work to learn.


dwiddymen gobod dimbeed

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Hey… a bingo would be legal :smile:

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I am interested in attending this at the NosDa on Friday night. Who else is in?



Is this going ahead then? Do we have a time?

I was hoping to come down too Alice. Do we have an idea of time? How about 7pm?

@Mihil Maybe they are meeting for 6pm…?

a dw !!
18h… thats six PM At Nosda everything is ok with the owner... sorry for the communication delay... doing this while going from London to Cardiff... but we are all here now, Theres food too :wink:

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7PM is ok too… but we should be done by 8,
At the Nosda,

I’ll probably be there at around half 6, how do we recognise you guys? Will be you at the bar / lounge area?

ps - my cymreag is very limited

I will be wearing a hat and Breton shirt :stuck_out_tongue:

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