Begelly Arms, Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire

Begelly Arms, Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire SA68 0YF every Wednesday 6pm - 8pm

Contact @grettaem for more information

Note that this meetup has now changed it’s hours to 6:30 to 8:30.

Does the meeting on a Wednesday evening still happen in Kilgetty please?

As far as I’m aware, it does. Gretta (@grettaem) is the person who knows so hopefully she’ll respond soon :slight_smile:

A message from Gretta:

Yes, the cwrw a chlonc - the chat group - is still meeting on Weds evenings, but going back to the time of 6-8 pm due to clashes with Welsh classes for some people.

Gretta is happy for me to pass on her email address and phone number to anyone who would like to contact her directly. I’ll do that in a Private Message if anyone asks me.


Can you confirm this is still running please? I did notice a recent reply was made not long ago, but would like to check first.

If you prefer you can send me contact details via PM so i can find out. Diolch.

PM sent to you @chris-b :slight_smile:

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