Becoming Fluent in Welsh

Pnawn Dda pobl

Russell ydyr enw fi

Dwi’n byw yn Manceinion ac dwi’n dod yn Llandudno

Dwi’n siarad cymraeg dipyn bach ond dwi’n eisiau siarad rhugl

A oes unrhyw athrawon yn Manceinion?

Diolch Yn Fawr

Shwmae @beeks1973, and Welcome to the SSIW forum.

Have you started on the SSIW challenges? I’d certainly recommend beginning there, and then maybe joining the Slack groups for speaking with other learners. If you want to speak fluently, I don’t think you would find a better way.

I don’t know about teachers in Manchester, but I would recommend them for later on

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I used to live in Manchester and was able to pick up S4C via the roof aerial in the days of dial-up.
I’m sure there are other Welsh learners in Manchester, maybe there are teachers too, you’ll find out!

There is a ‘post only in English’ rule on the forums so everyone can understand the discussions, but there is a practice your Welsh thread too.

Welcome to the forum.

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Hi @beeks1973!

There is a café in Manceinion called Siop Shop, in Tib St, and it’s run by Welsh speakers. A group of SSiWers get together there on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 10.30 am, so that would be a good place to get along to and find opportunities to speak Welsh.

Have you looked into our 6 Month course?

With the grounding in Welsh that you already have, you would be able to combine that with the speaking confidence that you get from the 6 Month course and you’d be chatting away in Welsh in no time!