Beca’s microphone

Can we have a whip around to buy poor Beca a new mic for the advanced SSIW? The sound quality is making an already pretty challenging task that much harder. Thanks

Possibly an earlier podcast from the pioneering days of the Advanced Content. Much better in the more recent items.

To be honest I loved those first recordings with dogs interrupting or wafting their tails :smiley: Made me feel part of something new - a bit like hill walking or cycling in the days before it became cool.



I just tried the latest edition and the sound quality is still really poor. It’s such a shame as I pretty much love everything about SSIW and it’s clearly not a criticism of the content itself which is great. If you compare it to Daniel Glyn and Luke Davies’ it’s a totally different experience. Please please Beca keep doing your brilliant interviews but just get a better mic!
Thanks a lot