Be' ydy'r safle?

Dwi’n gweithio’n caled iawn i gorffen Level 3 SSIW (Challenge 10 & 11 heddiw … gobeithio!) cyn mind I Nant Gwrtheyrn Ddydd Llyn nesa am bump ddiwrnod i astudio Level “Canolrhadd”. Dwi’n mynd amdani achos mae rhaid I mi wella ar ol trio dysgu, ar ben fy hyn, am rhyw ddwy blwyddyn. Dwi di gorffen llyf/cwrs “Mynediad” one dwi’n feindio treigladau yn anodd, anodd iawn dwi’n warthus! Oes na rhywun sydd wedi gwneud SSIW Level 3 a gwersi “Canolrhadd” - yn syml - be ydy’r wahaniaeth? Diolch! Meic…

I don’t know where all of the ‘canolradd’, ‘sylfaen’ and ‘mynediad’ courses lie in comparison to SSiW material but it sounds to me like a bootcamp (using your Welsh 24 hours a day for a week) would do you the absolute world of good. Obviously learning in a classroom environment is really good but having finished the 3 SSiW courses all of the info is in there, you just to release it, let it free as it were.

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Diolch yn fawr am hynny!/Thank you very much for that! I am just curious but very much looking forward to my first residential/boot camp type thing. I’m retired from work now so have more time to spend on this my #1 life priority now and I have a lot of good friends in the Porthmadog area (where I grew up until I was 18) … just not confident enough to speak in Welsh, yet, with them but really working on it now. Diolch eto,


I am finding that Sylvaen and SSIW work well together. You can never have too many options to speak and the class allows me to try out my vocab from SSIW. Sylvaen also expands my SSIW vocab so it is a win win. I now try to go to at lest 2 speaking groups a month just for chit chat. Walking through the door is quite scary but it appears welsh learners are a friendly bunch and I soon settle it.