Be dach chi´n gwrando arno fo nawr? Music you´re listening to now

Share some nice (Celtic?) music with the gang :slight_smile:

Gwnewch rhannu eich hoff gerddoriaeth gynnon ni.

Ar hyn o bryd dwi´n gwrando ar yr hyn (mwynhewch!) :

Edit : A quick Google turned up the words, almost exactly as he sings them :

Diolch! Excellent music thread here.

Mostly Welsh, but Cornish stuff at the end and - other stuff.

Gwenno Saunders was brought up speaking Cornish, wasn’t she? Always had an interest in other Celtic languages, but heating her singing in Breton and Cornish increases my interest in them.

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I don´t really know Gwenno´s stuff, but of course know of her. I´ve met her dad, Tim Saunders, but don´t know the rest of the family.

Ah, good to know the Cornish speaking world is as close as the Welsh speaking one! (Five degrees of connection? At most two with Welsh people! In Welsh speaking Wales, one and a half at most. :blush: You are my father’s second cousin’s daughter’s twice removed? You’re family! :blush:)

It’s very good. (Gwenno Saunder’s music.) Mind you, that’s often the case, as the individuality of Welsh music is a damn good thing. Maybe because it isn’t as necessarily commercially minded (generally speaking.)

I´ve not been all that involved for the past year or two, but yes the Kernewegoryon are just one big family … complete with feuds, black sheep, odd-balls, you know, the whole thing :wink:

Yeah, it’s called the way society works in most of the world :wink:
Anonymity has its advantages, as does a close knit society.

Rhaid i fi cyflwyno´r hyn i chi … dyma y ffordd orau i´r draddodiad cael ei throsglwyddo hi, dwi´n meddwl :slight_smile:

OK, I´ll share this one because it has a pop-group and a choir and it happened near where I used to live. Also packed with hiraeth as I hope comes over from the tune alone. Attempt to translate the title and refrain :

Cysgod dros y Hafod

Codwn ni´n alaw i fyny (x2)
Er wyf pell ohonat ti
Fyddwn ni ddim ar wahân am byth


… Refrain from what? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wylo : it really gets me like that.

OK I get the message, this thread was a mistake, I shouldn´t be indulging my personal tastes here.

Woah! :anguished: I didn’t mean that at all, and I’m sorry — I truly didn’t mean to upset you. I was just butting in — impulsively and uncalled-for, I realise — to make a silly pun on the word “refrain”, just for fun. There was absolutely nothing personal intended in it, towards you or anyone else here. In fact, I enjoyed all the songs you’ve shared, although I don’t speak any Welsh and so don’t understand any of the words! :smile: But they sound great anyway — thank you for posting them. It’s good to hear the Celtic languages being put to use in different kinds of music, traditional and contemporary.

One group I’ve only recently discovered is The Changing Room, who write their own songs in both English and Cornish. Here are a couple of their music videos:

Gwrello Glaw (Let it Rain)

Roev Sos Roev (Row Boys Row)

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