BBC Wales tours for learners?

I notice they do separate tours in Welsh and English. I wonder if there would be a market for the occasional one for Welsh learners? I’m sure a few people might be put off attending the usual one because they think they wouldn’t understand everything being said. Something where the language is a bit more learner friendly and people feel confident about being able to ask simplified questions might have some uptake.

Good idea! @sara-peacock-1 would you know the person to ask about this? And does S4C offer anything along this line?

(Sorry for the delayed response - I’ve been having a lovely holiday in the Netherlands!)

Short answer - I don’t know of anything like this, and I don’t know who would be the person to ask. So complete ignorance, but willing to help! Leave it with me and I’ll see what I can find out. Perhaps it would be something good for Menter Caerdydd to organise?

Just to let you know - I’m having a panad next week with the woman who organises the tours. She thinks it’s a great idea, so we’re going to have a sgwrs about it. So watch this space!