BBC Radio Cymru Music

Can I just give a ‘big up’ to Radio Cymru? When it was first suggested on SSIW that I start listening to the station, while quite happy to do it for language purposes, I was a bit wary, what with it being the BBC, of the music being ‘safe’, middle of the road fodder. How wrong I was! Through Radio Cymru I have discovered a whole new body of music. The innovative stuff coming out of Wales currently is truly amazing and I am now hooked on the likes of Band Pres Llareggub and Mr Phormula. Diolch SSIW for putting me on to all this new (to me) music!


I agree! I listen to Huw Stephen’s show every week without fail:


Huw Stephens and Rhys Mwyn are always worth listening to.

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Totally agree. I now only listen to Radio Cymru and I definitely feel the benefit of doing so. The music on there is brilliant.
Diolch yn fawr i Radio Cymru.

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… and Lisa Gwilym …
There‘s loads of good music on the station

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Totally agree with you. I’ve got into Mr Phormula, “normal newydd” is my lockdown anthem, also Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 for some Welsh bossa (I know, but somehow it works!) check out “ar ol y glaw” and even more recently the punky, political, but also hilarious Twmffat (funnel). Huw Stevens show is great too.


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There’s some great stuff on Radio Cymru.
I find it better for my learning than the TV. Too easy, on there, to slide into reading the subtitles and not listen.
The news is my biggest challenge, but now and again I surprise myself by understanding or at least getting the gist of the topic.