Baset v byddet

In the Northern course these are a number of expressions like “Beth byddet ti’n dweud taswn i…” ( " What would you say if I were to…)

I assume “byddet ti’n” counts as conditional case of bod. But all the grammar sources i have found give the conditional case as baset ti’n ( etc)

I’m guessing this is a case of North Welsh being non standard. Or is there a difference of usage I am missing?

Baset ti’n does at least have the advantage of being easier to distinguish from the future case forms!

I must say I am a bit surprised to hear that 1) byddet is being used in the N course - it’s surely a S and C word, and 2) that it’s being used alongside taset (etc) in the same sentence.

I certainly remember confidently (i.e. with the backing of native speakers) teaching people not to mix them.

As you say, Catriona, the baswn set does indeed have the benefit of being more distinction than the S byddwn set, and I must must say that my experience.

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Kind of a combination of having an ‘all proper’ sort of moment, rather than being full on dialectical, and then the way the requirements of spaced repetition sometimes nudge us into slightly awkward combos…

Having said that, I don’t think it’s something that anyone would pick up on in the pub, etc… :slight_smile:


No - we wouldn’t go to war over it, would we? :slight_smile:

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No need to, really - we seem as a nation to be particularly good at going to war over far, far smaller bones of contention, so I can’t imagine we’d need to wait for an actual point of linguistic propriety.

Have you got hold of ‘Llyfr Glas Nebo’ yet? Knowing the area, I’m kind of presuming it’s largely about the world after an argument about mutations in the Morgan Lloyd.

No I haven’t - but I can see it’s lovely and Gog, isn’t it? Style very reminsiscent of Un Nos Ola Leuad, of course. A wonderful book.

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It’s particularly cheery for anyone who has more or less exactly the view of Ynys Môn the book describes - looking out over the desolation, sorry, I mean imagined/potential desolation…

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I love that place! :slight_smile:

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This is going to be away above my current level, but as a proud descendant from and lover of Ynys Mon, I simply had to download it into my Kindle. One has to be aspirational!


Quite so, Catriona - and one should ALWAYS read above one’s level really. It’s how you make progress :slight_smile: