Barry SSIW updates

Hello, everyone in the Barry area. Welcome to our meetings.

We’ll be meeting at the Hub on Thursday 1st May at 2pm. Also see you at the Bore Coffi in the Library on Saturday 3rd May, 10-12am. jAnd is anyone able to join the Valeways Hoffi Cerdded Hoffi Coffi on Tuesday 6th May? Ruth will be at the Coffee Cove at 10am on Barry Island.

If anyone has more or different information, please add to this thread.

See you soon.

I was just having a look at the Informal Learning opportunities on the Welsh for Adults website and the newest Learners’ Programme has been published.

The monthly night with Suzanne at the Cherry Orchard is scheduled for 6:30 on the 19th May, 16th of June and 7th of July. And there are Saturday courses scheduled for 7th June in Cowbridge and 26th July at St. Fagans.

Not much else in the Vale, but I’ll post the link to the brochure here. I also noticed that there’s an area to list your own social groups on their website and have included that link as well.

Thanks, Annie. That’s really helpful.

Pop-up Event: Three of us were lucky enough to get the last places on the trip to North Wales with Menter Caerffili in June. Thanks to Carolynne for the information. There may be a waiting list if anyone else is interested in joining the trip.

Next meeting at the Hub is 2pm next Thursday 15th May

I don’t yet have a date for the Merched y Wawr May outing.

Thanks for a fun session at the Hub last week! It was a bit of a breakthrough, as my 7 year old - after being dragged along - is starting to admit for the first time that I can speak a little bit of Welsh! When we left the table to peep down into the gym to watch her sister, she kept on chatting to me in Welsh without even noticing! I’m taking a very softly softly approach still, so as not to put her off… And she was well impressed with the rest of you - her comment was “It must be good course, Mum!!”

Also, there is a Welsh for Adults family session at the Amelia Trust farm on Sunday 25 May 11-1. (I think they’re fishing for people for their courses, but we’re just going along for the ride). There is story-time, followed by a treasure hunt and bring your own picnic. You need to call 029 2087 4710 to book a place, and will need a small child to get in… Well really I just need an excuse to use the phrase “Pwy sy’n moyn benthyg plentyn?”


It was really nice to have your ‘other’ daughter come along to share a Hub session with us. I’m excited to hear she’s started to chat with you, and I have to say - we were all impressed with how easily you’re picking up the ability to converse. Yes, it must be a good course!

Aw, thanks Arian! Unfortunately the “chatting” hasn’t happened again (and I’m not even sure if she noticed she did it!) but we’re off to the farm on Sun, so fingers crossed for a repeat.

So how was Sunday? Hope it was enjoyable.

Two of us are going to the Merched y Wawr ‘end of year’ dinner next Tuesday and three of us are off to North Wales with Menter Caerffili on Tues/Wed 10/11 June.

Our Hub meetings are on Thursday 5th and Thursday 19th June at 2pm - please join us! And we usually manage to meet on Saturday morning’s bore coffi upstairs in Barry Library between 10 to 12.

Some of the activities on Monday nights are drawing to a close at the Palmerston Centre, but other things seem to be carrying on. Please could someone post to say what they’re up to? The Clwb Llyfrau is meeting on Monday 23rd June to discuss one of the three novels on this year’s Rhestr Fer - Dewis by Ioan Kidd. There’s also a demonstration planned ‘how to plant up your hanging baskets and tubs’ which I think is on Monday June 9th.

If you’re into walking, keep an eye on the Valeways website. There’s a walking festival Thursday 29th May to Sunday 1st June - it only takes a couple of Welsh speakers to turn it into a Welsh walk.

There’s a Sadwrn Siarad in Cowbridge on 7th June and the closing date for booking is 4th June.

If you need any further information on any of the above, please ask here or message me. Do please add stuff as you come across it. Thanks.

Great fun yesterday at the Hub when we played Owain’s card game. Lots of laughs and virtually no rules so easy to play. Thanks, Owain - beautifully produced, too.

This summer, we plan to keep going when other things have stopped for the holidays. We’re thinking up things to do including just getting together two at a time, maybe more, for walks, or free cuppa in Waitrose or in John Lewis (Cardiff) for free coffee and cake (with store cards). What do others want to do? Who’s managing to access this new website? Is anyone there??

See you tomorrow in Barry Library.

We had a wonderful couple of days with Menter Caerffili - excellent organisation, fabulous scenery all the way to Llanrwst via Rhuthun and Denbigh. Sad to see the historic Gwasg Gee in a derelict state in Denbigh, having been kept going from 1830 until recently.

At this morning’s bore coffi in Barry Library, Keith brought news of Côr y Ddysgwyr, which will be taking part in this year’s National Eisteddfod in Llanelli. Four practices have been arranged, on Monday evenings from 6pm to 7pm, in the Church Hall, Trinity Street.

Monday night, 6.30pm as usual, we meet in the Canolfan Palmerston, activities from 7pm.

This Thursday, 19th June, 2pm, the SSIW group are meeting at the YMCA Hub.

Other things that came up this morning were:

The Dinefwr Literature Festival next weekend - see

Valeways Welsh walk led by Ruth “Awn i ben y Garth Mountain” on Saturday 28th June.

The Royal Show, Llanelwedd on 23rd July - Contact angharad [at] if you want to book a place on the bus from Cardiff.

Tafwyl Fair in Cardiff on Saturday 12th July - a really good day out.

Hope I haven’t left anything out. Don’t forget the Barry Arts Festival is at the end of July, then it’s the National Eisteddfod in Llanelli.

Please add anything to the list.

Thursday meetings at the Hub in July are on the 3rd and 17th, at 2pm. See you next Thursday.

By the way, if you don’t get emails already from Menter Caerdydd, it’s worth signing up for them. I’m getting loads of Tafwyl events flagged up.

I really enjoyed the Hoffi Cerdded walk with you all on Tuesday 1st July - sorry I couldn’t stay for the Hoffi Coffi part.

There were three of us at the Hub on Thursday. It was a useful meeting and we were able to thrash out some July dates, come along if you’re able. And we’ve had the photos of our trip north with Menter Caerffili last month, which was a really well organised outing.

Tafwyl Fair in the grounds of Cardiff Castle on Saturday 12th July is free entry all day. Does anyone want to meet up there? I’ll be taking the train from Barry. Well worth looking for the programme online as there is so much going on, including a learners’ tent, meet some of the cast of Pobol y Cwm, a whole programme of music and lots more.

Tuesday 15th July, as part of Tafwyl Week, there is a talk in the Museum on artist John Constable, suitable for Welsh speakers and learners of all levels. Location: Prif neuadd, Amgueddfa Genedlaethol, Caerdydd. Time: 13.00. Free entry. A couple of us are meeting up beforehand in John Lewis around midday for cafeteria freebies for John Lewis card holders. Would anyone like to join us? I’ll be going in by train.

The next Hub meeting is at 2pm on Thursday 17th July when hopefully we can sort out what’s happening in August. There are at least two of us hoping to go to the National Eisteddfod in Llanelli on the Thursday 7th,

Other stuff: Monday evening 7th July at the Palmerston Centre, there’s a chance to support the activities there by joining in part two of a free WEA course on Welsh history, and a look at the new Welsh Commission Standards coming in.

On Saturday 26th July there’s a Sadwrn Siarad at St Fagans - 10am to 4pm, cost £15 if you book in time. Otherwise, I’ll see you in the Library as usual.

Correction. The John Lewis free coffee and cake deal ran out at the end of June. So we ain’t going there after all on Tuesday 15th. We’ll meet up around 12.30 in the ground floor of the Amgueddfa for a coffee before the talk on Constable, which kicks off at 1pm.

You would have thought - with only three of us going - we could have met up ‘tidy-like’ in the Amgueddfa for a coffee. Two of us ended up in the basement. Sorry Wren! The picture by Constable was apparently regarded as his masterpiece and is on tour at present so do go and see it if you are in Cardiff. A couple of us were more excited by having Megan from Pobol y Cwm in the group being shown round. Sigh.

There was an excellent presentation at the Canolfan Palmerston on Monday night, on Yr Ardd Perlysiau (Physic Garden) in Cowbridge. That is very much worth a visit.

Tomorrow, Thursday 17 July we meet again 2pm at the Hub.

Just a quick note to say our Hub dates for August are Thursday 7th and 21st at 2pm. The 7th August falls within Eisteddfod week, so some of us will be down in Llanelli.

Pop-Up Event!

The film Hedd Wyn is showing at the Memo (Memorial Hall, Gladstone Road) this Monday coming (4th August) at 1pm… Some of us are meeting up inside at about quarter to one. It is a free showing, so do come and join us.

The same evening, the film Soloman a Gaenor is showing at our weekly meeting at the Canolfan Palmerston. Again, it’s free.

Soloman a Gaenor was excellent, and Sarian didn’t refuse to show it to us just because the sound wasn’t loud enough!

Here’s the programme for the Waverley sailings around the Bristol Channel at the end of the month and beginning of September. Nothing obviously Welsh unless two or three of us are gathered together… anyone fancy a pop-up event if the weather’s good enough? Warning, the trips can be expensive.

We’ll be meeting at the YMCA Hub, Gladstone Road, Barry on 4th and 18th September at 2pm - as usual it’s the first and third Thursday of the month. All welcome.

I’m back in college and Thursdays are supposed to be a full-day in school for us.

Realistically though, I think at least part of the afternoons will be independent work on what was taught in the morning. So, I’m hoping to make it to meet with everyone tomorrow, but probably not till about 3.

That would be fantastic, Annie. Also, did you think any more about Carol Grant’s Prifysgol Hyfedredd course on Wednesday mornings at the Palmerston Centre? (Cau Pen y Mwdwl is the name of the course).

Wela i di wedyn.