Bangor Learners Speaking Groups?

Noswaith dda, pawb.

I have been trying to learn Welsh for some time now (Duolingo, SSiW, online courses) and I’m really keen to find a place to practice more that isn’t just “out in the wild,” where I don’t have much confidence. Are there any speaking groups for learners in Bangor or the surrounding area? (Accessible by public transit?)

Much appreciate any suggestions!


I don’t know of any definite details but here are some contacts that it might be worth dropping an email or phone call to:

Llety Arall, Caernarfon - I think Daniela Schlik organises sessions in C’fon and Bangor. You could contact Llety arall on Email: / Phone: 01286 662907

Bangor - the Menter Iaith Bangor development officer is Dylan Bryn Roberts, and he can be contacted on 01248 370050

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The map at shows one at Menai Bridge… Welsh Language Meet Ups - Google My Maps

Maybe @Novem would be able to give you some insight?

All the very best with the next stage of your learning journey! :blush:

Last I heard Dani (as mentioned by Siaron!) was running Peint a Sgwrs sessions in Blue Sky Bach, but I haven’t heard anything in the new year. Best thing to do would be to contact her on Facebook. I’ve heard from a friend that she’s running sessions in Bethesda, so if she’s not in Bangor at the moment that’s still an option.

Mei runs sessions in Wild Origins (in the “shopping centre”) on Tuesdays at 12-2, but also not sure whether they’ve started up again yet. (you can also find him on Facebook - Mei Menter Iaith Bangor)

There are also folk sessions in Y Glôb most Tuesday nights, where people are friendly and there are quite a few learners. And even if you don’t work up the courage to speak to anyone, the music is nice! (look out for Andrew, who loves talking to people so that he can get out of playing music, and will introduce you to everyone)

I’ll come back if I think of anything else!