Badges not updating

I still appear to have a pink badge even though I should be on green now. I fell behind for a couple of weeks whether that has has affected the updates or am I doing something wrong? Can you please help CatrinLliarJones?

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No, you’re doing everything right, don’t worry (falling behind doesn’t matter at all). @Novem is looking after the badge awarding temporarily - I’m sure he’ll be updating the badges as soon as he gets a chance.

Hello! Yes, apologies, I’m temporarily looking after them and was supposed to do it yesterday, but the day turned so chaotic I only managed to squeeze in a pink badge before I got interrupted :sweat_smile:

As Siaron said, don’t worry about it - it doesn’t affect the course and the badges will be with you in the next couple of hours!


Diolch yn fawr iawn! :blush: