Bad reviews for the iOS (Apple) app for SSiW

Naturally enough, since we’ve had a few hiccups over the last few months, we’ve got a few poor reviews on the App Store.

Which is fair enough, not a problem. Except that now we’ve got the app working pretty smoothly again, those last poor reviews are the first ones that people see when they’re considering the app - and now instead of being a useful warning, they’re inadvertently going to put people off something that is actually working.

If any of you use the iOS app and haven’t left a review, now would be a really good time for us to have a few up-to-date reviews saying something along the lines of ‘Hooray, it’s working again!’…:wink:

Here’s a link straight to the app listing:

@Deborah-SSi :thumbsup:

Gwnaethpwyd adolygiad newydd

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Diolch diolch yw fy nghân! :star:

Review posted :smiley:


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I’ve just tried to do this but I can’t find the app on the AppStore! I’ve tried searching for say something in Welsh, saysomethinginwelsh, SSIW, and Welsh learning. Quite few other apps come up whe searching for the last one, but not SSIW!

S’mae Isata?

I had the same issue. If you narrow your search to iPhone Only and Free Apps, then try searching for “Welsh”, you should find it easily enough.



It’s not showing on my list of purchased apps either, even though it’s on my iPad and I use it all the time. :frowning:

We’ve clearly got more to learn about how to get keywords working!

Oddly enough, when I google for ‘iOS app Welsh’, it’s the second result that comes up…:wink:

But for those who haven’t seen the edit in the original post, here’s a link straight to the app:

Maybe google likes us more than the app store’s own inbuilt search…

I suspect Google may be clever enough to be giving us some website-related love for the app (which really is pretty clever if that is what they’re doing)…

I love this app so far, however I do find that I have difficulty downloading the next lesson - I have been trying for days to download lesson 2 and it just won’t! Any tips on how I can get this sorted? Would love to leave a very positive review when I can :slight_smile:

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Hi R2

Could you try the steps detailed in this workaround, and see if that helps you:


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I have downloaded the app easily, but I cannot download the south lessons. I briefly caught a message when first entering the app but went past it too quickly to take it in. Was it something about the South lesson?

What course are you trying to use?
Are you able to download the North lessons?

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Hi, yes I can download the North version but I have been listening to the South version and wanted to download those. I get a message saying download failed, please check your internet connection

Since you can download Northern lessons using the app it would suggest your internet connection is fine. There is a known issue where the app doesn’t correctly download the latest set of course information which means it’s trying to download files that no longer exist.

Try the steps outlined in this thread and see if that helps:

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Thanks for the advice. Worked brilliantly. I am now happily downloading the south course😃. Cannot wait to get back to learning Welsh.


Diolch. I have been using the Ap on my IPad and it works brilliantly. I have completed the first course and now will move on to the next. Well done team!

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The listening exercises on the iPhone app are completely unintelligible, they are much too fast.

It’s not the app. They are supposed to be too fast. The idea is just to hear them, not to be able to understand them - yet. Listening to speeded up speech, even when it’s unintelligible, makes normal speed seem slower.

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