Bad habits

I need help with my bad habit of using ‘rili’ and ‘jyst’ in every sentence, sometimes more than once.

I use ‘really’ to mean ‘very/a lot’ rather than ‘truthfully’. I suppose I could say ‘Dw i mor brysur!’ instead of ‘Dw i’n rili brysur!’ But when I want to say that I’m gasping for a cuppa, saying, ‘Dw i angen paned yn fawr iawn’ doesn’t pack half the punch of, ‘Dw i rili angen paned.’ Any other options?

As for ‘just’, I use it all the time in English in a rather defensive way, or to tell little white lies, like ‘I’m just leaving now,’ or ‘I’m just finishing this chapter (then I’ll wash up).’ I can’t think how else to say in Welsh, ‘I just don’t feel right about it.’ ‘That’s just not fair.’ Dw i jyst rili angen ‘jyst’!


Hi Bronwen, you’re splitting the crowd with this question, there are loads who think that this isn’t a problem and a few that would rather use fewer of these types of anglicised words.

I really want a cuppa … dwi wir isio panad.

Quick exchange between Mathew and Philip on RaR ages ago.
Just asking … 'mond gofyn.
Just saying … 'mond dweud.

Like my dad told me “there’s a Welsh word for everything.” (Ok, popeth is the Welsh word for everything but you know what he meant. :wink:)

I have a habit of watching programs on S4C and trying to replace every english word I hear with the Welsh equivalent. I’ve learnt loads. :joy:

BTW, you could do away with a lot of the uses of ‘just’ in language. “I’m just leaving now” = “I’m leaving now”. No discernable difference to my ears.


Fi, jyst, rili rili euog o yn union yr un peth.

It’s lazy, but I’m fundamentally quite a lazy person, so in the end I’ve had to face the fact that I’m probably stuck with sounding like a teenager for the rest of my life. :slight_smile:


That’s just where you’re wrong! But thanks for the other helpful advice. ‘Mond’ sounds fine, whereas ‘dim ond’ doesn’t… So that’s more ‘Rownd a Rownd’ and less improving reading, I think.


Keep wearing the specs, and you’ll get away with it.

And I only want to tone it down a bit, not do away with the habit altogether.


Have you considered using “reit” instead of “rili” for a bit of variety?


Thank you! I love the word ‘reit’, and will now use it in every sentence instead of ‘rili’.


You could always use some old Welsh words like below, ‘dwi YN lyyyfio paned’.



‘Get thee behind me, Satan…’

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Well, this is my current online Welsh tutor so I can get a bit confused between English and Welsh…



Call me triggered if you like but the “to my ears” part of my answer means that’s how I hear it not necessarily how it is. I obviously have a lot to learn.


I mentioned this thread to a friend on Slack. She said that her friend’s husband hated ‘just’ jobs more than any others. ‘Could you just…’ always meant a really boring, difficult or dirty job, while the question implied it would churlish to refuse. A little word weighted with meaning…


Sorry to disagree @BronwenLewis! My wife often says, ‘I’m just coming’ and I’ve learned over nearly 43 years that the ‘just’ is truly meaningless!:joy: Sometimes cups of tea just never appear!:slight_smile::joy: Just saying…


This whole thread made me laugh out loud, and I learned the useful word 'mond. Going to try to stick that in my next conversation.


You lot are wonderful Hahahah. Thanks for the laughs! (I’ll sure come back to the really useful advice when I’ll have done a bit more studying)