Awesome course

I would just like to write a huge thanks to @aran and @Iestyn for producing such a fantastic course and community/knowledge bank here at SSI. I have been doing the ssiw course for around 18 months now (on and off). What I think is really fantastic about ssiw is the simplicity and accessibility. I was near giving up on it a month back only due to not having anyone to speak it to here in Australia. But I have since met an awesome first language welsh speaker who is a parent at my kids school who I have had a few conversations ( and beers) with. He was amazed at how well i could speak it, i put that down to the SSIW course, so long story short thanks again for this awesome course. I have also now started skyping with another person from the forum in OZ which is great also. Sorry rambling a bit but thanks!!!


What fantastic news! That’s an awesome result - and hugely impressive that you jumped straight in and started talking with him… :star2: :dizzy:

And thank you very much indeed for your extremely kind words… :heart:


Cheers, as i said I put it down to to course I do still however have problems understanding welsh when it is spoken to me.


Try to make sure you listen to the last listening exercise for Level 1 every day… and we’ll try to have Level 2 listening exercises ready soon-ish… otherwise, as much background Radio Cymru as you can manage will help with this… :slight_smile:


I will up the radio cymru consumption then and make better use of the listening practice. Cheers

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Keep us posted on how it goes… :slight_smile:

Dim problem, diolch yn dda!

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