AutoMagic Welsh is here!

We’ve got this flagged up as a priority, so it should be happening in stages over the next few weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

@danjackson it’s tricky to talk in terms of length because of the way it works, but if we imagine that you go straight through the material on the fastest setting (with the exception of Fire Rocket Dragon) or without using skip/revisit as soon as they go live (which should not be very soon), then when the Level 3 course is activated in AutoMagic it would take you about 40 hours.

For most people, with the most common patterns of repetition/speed, it would probably take closer to about 120 hours - we’ll get more insight into this as we collect more data, which we’ll be focusing on when the new apps are ready :slightly_smiling_face:

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Brilliant to hear @aran I’m 5hrs50 in now and to hear I’ve got possibly over 100 hours left is great!

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Depending fairly heavily on your usage patterns and on our speed to complete getting the Level 3 content in there!

But also on the positive side, 2024 should see us adding new content for the first time in a long old while …:slightly_smiling_face:

Hello there.
I’m new around here so very sorry if this has already been asked before. I’m having a go at the free trial and really enjoying it. Loving automagic so far and finding it very accessible and easy to follow. I wonder will it ever be available to use offline or is that not a thing?
I’d love to be able to listen on my commute or walks without using too much data. I have downloaded challenges from the original course (southern version) for this purpose but am finding them fast and hard to follow as some of the words phrases used are different to those used on automagic. Thanks in advance, sorry for possibly daft question!

AutoMagic works in a completely different way than simply deploying static audio files. In short, SSiW’s server has all the available sentences stored on it, plus a software that tracks your progress and chooses material to present you.

In order for it to work offline, all that data and the software would need to be transferred to your end device (before you could do a single second of learning) and that would be a) a huge amount of data and b) a whole other world of headache, troubleshooting the software for all the platforms it’s supposed to run on.

tl;dr: Probably not :wink:


Thanks, that makes sense!

Hey there! We are actually working on a way to play offline as part of our new app development so look out for that next year :slight_smile: :slight_smile: But yes, as @Hendrik explained, it’s sadly not currently possible…


Hi Aran, totally loving Automagic and am 92 hours in, when I get to c 120 hours will it carry on repeating and practising the covered content or will it just stop before the Level 3 content is added?

Hi Pete - wow, you’re doing brilliantly! - are you on northern or southern? I gather northern L3 is moving along well now, southern still going through proofing - either way, though, you’ll get that content fed in automatically as soon as it’s live :slightly_smiling_face: