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What are your opinions regarding The AutoMagic Tutor….My experience has been a really good one. I am at the middle level and have trouble with the longer sentences with not enough time. Especially the real long ones. I find that I use the pause button the read it take a little time to make sure I read it correctly. Is this hurting my progress? I would appreciate your feedback. Jim Matthews- Colorado Springs, CO


I believe the SSiW approach is to push ahead, but not to the detriment of your enjoyment. Trust the process, use the button whenever you really need and know that the difficult sentence will come again.
You can’t imagine how many "I’ll never learn this’ I have overcome, to my delight and surprise, since I started with SSiW at the beginning of September (I’m an orthography fiend, love reading and totally understand your concern). I now feel as if fear of failure and/or perfectionism had been turned around as if by “Auto-Magic”.
Good luck, just keep going!

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I think the “How are you feeling today?” question at the bottom of the screen controls how much time you have to answer.

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