AutoMagic Speed Question/Request for Advice

S’mae! I am working through the AutoMagic course a dw’i mwynhau o (hi?) ‘n fawr. Years ago I tried working through the old course (I don’t remember how far I got), but I feel like it never stuck. But I feel like I’m retaining the words and phrases much more with this AutoMagic course. Diolch!

Anyways, I found I could keep up quite well on the Unstoppable speed. However, during one of the breaks, Aran encourages you to try learning at a higher speed for 5 minutes (that 10% rule), which means Fire Rocket Dragon for me. It’s stretching me, but I’m able to keep up, mostly without the use of the pause button. And I think I might be getting close to staying at Fire Rocket Dragon full time.

My question is: am I learning too fast? :sweat_smile: And if I’m not, what would I do when I should try to stretch myself again? There isn’t a faster setting. Some introduced content is new to me, but some of it isn’t. Is it likely I’ll hit a point where I’ll need to slow down because of more advanced material?

Diolch yn fawr!

Llongyfarchiadau @stephen-howell! You’re doing brilliantly! If you can learn at that pace, that’s fantastic! But there is a chance you’ll need to slow it down occasionally when you hit a section you find a little more tricky. You can adjust the speed as you like to suit how you feel about the current material AutoMagic is presenting to you.

If you’re on the fastest setting, the main way left to stretch yourself is to dedicate a day to your Welsh and do as much as you can. Some people do this and give themselves an intensive Welsh day to kick their learning along.

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