Automagic South

Why is the northern version working with the media but the southern version doesn’t?

Hi @RobMorgan, I’m really sorry that you’re experiencing difficulties with AutoMagic. I personally am not qualified to help you, but I’ll tag our tech team in this message and hopefully one of them will be able to help you out as soon as possible.

Diolch for your patience!

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Thank you.

Hi @RobMorgan - when you say “the media”, I wonder are you perhaps referring to the experimental video version of the course? If so, I’m afraid there’s a little less of the video content available for south than there is for north at the moment, and you’ve already reached that point in the southern course. That will be updated soon; however, it all works fine in the audio version, which your account is currently set up to use by default.

If you have any further questions, I recommend emailing (or using the contact form on our website) as you’ll generally get a much faster response there.

Thanks for the reply.