AutoMagic - revisit and skip

What are the functions of the buttons “Revisit” and “Skip” on AutoMagic?

Those buttons have been added recently, because some people expressed the wish to have more control over the flow of the material. The “revisit” button sets your progress back a bit and it can be used if you feel that the material is progressing to new phrases/structures too quickly. The “skip” button sets your progess forward, and it’s useful if you feel things are too slow.

(Technically, the material is split in segments. If I understood correctly, Revisit puts you back to the start of the current segment, Skip puts you at the beginning of the next segment.)

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Diolch Hendik

I’m guessing here - but I think “segment” starts when Aran says a few words of encouragement?

Since I am in no way involved in the production side of SSiW, your guess is as good as mine :man_shrugging: