Automagic restarting

I’ve done about 2 hours on Automagic, but now, when I log in it thinks I’m just starting and takes me right back to the beginning. How do I get it back to recognising where I had got to. Any help appreciated.

Just one idea… Automagic tracks your progress seperately for each region. Maybe you accidentally switched the region? That way it wouldn’t show any progress (if you have only used one region so far).
Click the settings button to make sure it shows the correct region.

Thanks. I might have done that accidentally. I’ll check it out.

Can you tell me if Automatic has and end, I have now done 100 hours. I thought it would stop there. Harri

As far as I know, AutoMagic doesn’t have a built-in end. It will reach a point where it runs out of new material, but the program will simply go on and give you random repetitions of known material for further practice.

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Thank you Hendrik.