Automagic problems?

I have reached 22hours 50 minutes with Automagic. (Not sure if that is real-time) However, for the last two hours, about 10-12 phrases have been constantly repeated with no new words added. It’s almost like the ‘record’ is stuck. Is this deliberate, or is something wrong? I don’t remember the original challenges going so long without new words. @aran, @Hendrik, @deborah-ssi

There’s a possibility you may have reached the end of the material that has currently been uploaded into the AutoMagic system. Have you had the setting on Fire Rocket Dragon?

I’ve asked our Tech Developer to check your account and see if that’s what has happened. If so, you’ll be randomly shown sentences you’ve had before, but there won’t be anything new until more is uploaded.

Thanks Deborah-SSi. I wondered if that might be the case. Yes I’ve been at Dragon level for about the last 2 hours of content. If it is the case that I’ve reached the end of what has been uploaded up to now, could Aran make that clear on the dialogue as others may be wondering the same as me?

Hi @Deborah-ssi. Don’t want to appear pushy but were you able to get any information for me regarding this issue?

All I’ve heard from the Tech Department is that they are working on adding more material as soon as they can.

Ok. Thanks.

Hi Rob - I’ll flag this up for you as well - if you are at the end of the new material, it should be doing a better job for you of producing challenging revision…