Automagic help

How do i know where I am on Automagic? SSi is asking me to mark as done each challenge but I don’t know where I am

Are you receiving the Monday emails? They relate to the 6 Minutes standard course, rather than AutoMagic.

With AutoMagic, you just learn along at your own pace. There are no Challenges to tick off.

Hwyl Deborah, yes I had the email yesterday.
I have completed challenge 1 & 2 I’m onto challenge 3 now. Struggling a little if I’m honest I find it a lot to remember though.

@melanie-hamilton-sea the emails are sent out according to an automated schedule, but there’s no need to stick to that. Just pace yourself and work along at your own speed.

You could always just AutoMagic and not worry about doing the Challenges at all, if you like. They both cover the same material, but in different ways.