Automagic - can I/should I skip forward?

Hi all,
Having done all the SSIW courses and then worked a little on the advanced stuff (thank you all, it’s all brilliant), I eventually left to go it on my own. I’ve came back to engage more with the advanced content as I noticed there was lots more on there but then came across this Automagic business… now here is my question…
When does it get hard? I’ve been doing it for ten minutes on (I think) the hardest/fastest setting and yet it feels like doing the first lesson of the first course all over again. I can’t face starting from scratch even if the method is cool. Is there a way to skip forward?
Thanks as always

The Tech Team are currently working on a new version which will have the Skip option included, but at the moment the AutoMagic app is still in its early stages of development.

What you can do is set it running on the fastest setting while you’re doing something else so that it works through the easier material then get back to it once it gets more challenging.

Brilliant thanks so much. Just wanted to check in case there was an obvious solution. Thanks again, and keep up the great work

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I have had a similar experience but decided to start from scratch with Automagic. I’m now about 35 hours in. I found the equivalent point in the Challenges and now I work on them concurrently. As a rough comparison, 35 hours into Automagic is about Level 2, Challenge 21.
There are some significant differences, e.g. the use of of dw i’n moyn rather than dw i eisiau, dw i angen instead of mae eisiau fi. Also the pronunciation of the Welsh is more standard in Automagic. Combining the two gives some exposure to variations in structure and accent which is what you meet all the time in the real world! Doing all of this has really helped me progress in the past 6 weeks.
Automagic is a real step forward in my opinion. For me, with quite a leaning towards visual learning, seeing the written Welsh has been really helpful in familiarising myself more with the structures within the language.
Dylen i wedi ysgrifennu yn Gymraig! Y tro nesa.

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There’s a special thread for people who would like to practise their Welsh writing skills: Be' 'dach chi'n gwneud rwan? A phethau arall yn Gymraeg - A topic to practice Welsh, open to all! - General / Questions - SSi Forum


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