Automagic beta subscription price (+ question)

Short version:
If i pause my subscription now, will i be able to renew it later at the same £10 price in the future, even after the announced price increase?

Life story version:
I’ve been an eternal Welsh dabbler, i’ve gone through all three levels of the old course and the new course multiple times (with a year or two between each time) and have always enjoyed the method, even if i never felt quite ready for native content.

I got an e-mail a couple weeks back about the new Automagic course beta and thought it would be interesting to try out, and after going through about an hour and a half over a week or so i must say that i really enjoy this format. It worked great for me to spend 10-15 minutes in the morning while preparing breakfast and getting some Welsh study in. Having the Welsh text to look at occasionally was great as well as i never really learned to put sounds to letters before. However, i recently got news that we will be going on holiday next year and my language goals for this year have changed. Unfortunately, i can’t quite find the time to fit my Welsh practice in in the mornings anymore. Welsh is still on my bucket list, but it’ll have to be once my schedule clears up a bit. In the e-mail, it said:

But if you give it a shot now, you’ll never have to pay the higher price

Does this mean “so long as you keep your subscription active” or will it still be the same price if i pause my subscription now and come back in 6-12 months’ time?

Additional question:
It seems like the “how are you feeling today” option changes the speed of the prompts (the gap to answer is shorter when you set it to a higher value). On the forums it seems like it also sets the speed at which you reach new material. I’ve set it to the highest value because the default gaps are painfully long for me, but i don’t necessarily want to be skipping sentences/reviews. I imagine i’ll hit topics that are tough for me again and will appreciate the extra review, but i’d still like to have a shorter time to respond. Even setting the value to “Fire Rocket Dragon” (awesome name btw) often feels a bit slow for me.

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This is a really good question, does anyone have the answer?

I’m checking on that for you, but I can clarify about the “Feeling” gauge. If you have it on the fastest Fire Rocket Dragon setting you don’t skip or miss anything. You still get all the same new material presented to you, but you do a minimum number of repetitions, e.g. if you learn dw i’n dysgu you may get it in different sentences 2-3 times, whereas if you choose a lower setting, you may get it 6-7 times. It affects the amount of repetition you feel is necessary for you to remember something.
And you can adjust the Feeling gauge at any time. If you go quickly for a while, then find you’re starting to struggle a little, you can move it back to the left and increase the number of repetitions.

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The only guarantee we can give is that if you subscribe for a certain rate and stay subscribed, you stay on that rate.

If you cancel for a while, then come back, more than likely you’ll need to subscribe at whatever the current rate is at that time unless there is some exceptional reason for doing otherwise.

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Ok thanks (for both answers)! So it sounds like if we cancel now we won’t be grandfathered into the current price tier later. The wording in the e-mail was a bit unclear in that case, but that’s ok. I really like this new format and at least now i can rest assured that even at the full price it’ll be worth the price tag.

Keep up the good work (and thanks Cathy for bumping the thread and helping me get an answer)!

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