AutoMagic Appears Stuck


Just a quick tech query - AutoMagic appears to be stuck as it hasn’t introduced anything new in the last two, two and a half hours - I’ve tried different browsers but to no avail. Previously, it was doing so every few minutes and incorporating the new additions into new sentences. For a while now, it’s just been repeating the various combinations of things introduced up to that point. A grey “Loading” box also appears momentarily between sentences/speakers which wasn’t the case previously (I left feedback yesterday but there’s been no change, hence my bothering the forum).

Any assistance or suggestions regarding potential solutions would be appreciated.


Haia @ian-9 ,
Just out of curiosity, what run-time is showing on yout screen?
If AutoMagic appears stuck for a significant amount of time, then the reason may be that there simply is no more new material to show you.

(Someone from the support team can check if this really is the case, and in that case the only thing you can do is wait until new material is incorporated into the database)

Tagging @lewie for further assistance and insight.

Ian - looks like you’ve successfully gotten to the end of the content from Level 2! Level 3 content will be coming along soon.

Oh, okay, well that’s something to be pleased with, I guess. I’ll continue to use it to practice in the meantime, and make up some ground on the challenges. Thanks for letting me know!