Automagic app for iPhone?

Please can someone confirm if there is an Automagic app for iPhone? I have an Android phone and am using the Google app from Google play store.
My wife has an iPhone and doesn’t seem to find an equivalent App? She has used the online site to sign up for a trial but I just can’t believe that there is no Apple version of the App…
Help! Please…

At the moment, the only version available of AutoMagic is a web app, so it runs in any browser. The Tech Team are currently developing mobile app versions for both Android and iOS devices, but they’re not ready yet.

In the meantime, if your wife goes to in a browser on her phone, she’ll get the AutoMagic web app.

Thank you very much for this. My wife has already signed up based on the online version and is really enjoying it :smile:. I have passed on your message and will introduce her to the forum so she can keep up with ‘stuff’ :wink:.

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