Automagic: Anyone else getting the "Media not found" error

followed by interminable “loading…” error?
My internet is OK, & I’m on a laptop.
I’m at just over 13 hours in.
Refreshing the browser (or ending / restarting) works sometimes but often puts me back to the same sentence again, and then “skip” results in more loading errors.
Anything else I need to tell you to help locate the problem?


Hello Jacky,

this behaviour is a known bug in the video feature (which in all fairness is marked as experimental). If you deactivate video playback in the settings, you should be able to progress further. Pob lwc a dal ati!

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As intermittent faults go, it’s probably minor… Thanks for letting me know!

There isn’t actually video to match all of the content yet, and the Tech Team have been focused on getting as much content into AutoMagic as possible rather than producing more video for the moment, so you will reach the point where there is no longer matching video.

The solution then is to switch the video option off (as @Hendrik ) says, and you can continue on from there with just the text showing.

Thanks for letting me know what’s going on.
I do find it easier with the video on (and I’m not at all sure why, I’m not really a visual person!) but completely understand the problems around workload for tech people, as one myself.

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