Australian Welsh Speakers

Hi just started learning welsh (level 1 challenge 10) and wondered if there are any SSiW students in Australia hopefully Tasmania wanted to catch and practising simple sentences.

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Welcome Kim!
Yes, there are quite a few SSiWers in Australia!
I haven’t spoken to him for a while, but I think Jac @daeld-daeldia may still be in Tasmania :slight_smile:

There’s also a whole channel in our Slack WSP group (Welsh Speaking Practice) for people in Australia (because the time difference is a bit awkward sometimes for chatting with us Europeans!).

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Hi @kim-16 and welcome! I’m in Brisbane now but once the restrictions ease I’ll be travelling to Tasmania every couple of weeks for work. In the meantime, I would highly agree with @siaronjames. The slack group is excellent for practice. I started going there when I was at your level and it really helped my learning take off.

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Thank you Guys, I will follow up with your suggestions, just a bit nervous trying things out for the first time.

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Hi Siaron,

what is the Australia group name? I can’t seem to find it in any of the channels.


Hi Theo,
It’s one of the ‘optional’ channels, so it’s not in the main list unless you’re a member. You need to click on the + next to “channels” and then “browse channels”. This takes you to the list of optional channels in the group and the Australian one is called #ochr-arall-y-byd. Click on that name to have a look and on the green “join” button to join it :slight_smile:

Here are a few suggestions of SSiWers from Australia, for you. Some may no longer be active on the forum. But worth a try… :wink:

@louis is a long standing SSiWer, originally from The Netherlands, but has been living in Australia for many years.

@alex_1 is another Australian who visited Wales I think in 2018ish?

@Karla is another Australian who lived in Wales for some time but has since returned to Australia .

@Wyverne I think also comes from Australia?

@guynicholson I believe is from the Hobart area.

@Libby, I think is from South Australia.

@lynne_freudigmann is from Brisbane.

@Leighton is in South Australia.

@Emilie is in Perth.

@MickDavies is from Mallala.

@brendabuckley is in Western Australia.

@andrewrees is in Queensland.

@alyszaerin is in Sydney.

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Hi Kim. My name is Guy Nicholson and I’m based in Hobart. We have a Welsh conversation group on the first Wednesday of each month and a Welsh class at Kingborough U3A on Monday afternoons from 1.30-3.30 pm. The class is intermediate/advanced but we usually have a beginners’ class as well so you could keep a look out online for that when things settle down a bit from COVID 19. U3A classes are open to all adults regardless of age. Let me know if you’re interested in joining the conversation group sessions. We usually have a leisurely lunch and chat for as long as people feel like it.

Catrin, could you change the time to 12 noon on the meetups page please? Also, Emilie who you listed as in Perth, moved to Tasmania and was involved with our groups. She now lives in Queenstown.


Thank you Guy,

This sounds exactly what I was looking for but unfortunately I am in Launceston. Is there anything similar up here that you know about, or even other local welsh speakers I might be able to contact. I am looking at very basic levels of conversation at the moment.

Regarding the U3a lessons, I shall keep an eye on announcements as I might then see if I would be able to attend these via video link because U3a up here does not have a welsh class.

Not sure about Welsh speakers/learners in Launceston Kim although I’m sure there are some. (There used to be a shop in the Quadrant Mall run by a Welsh woman, which had a sign saying ‘Croeso i Clayton’s’ in the window.) In my experience they can be encountered all around the state. If you visit Hobart at some stage you still may be able to drop in to our meet up.
Pob lwc.

Does U3A permit Zooming in or similar?

Sorry Andrew, what i meant to say is that when U3a starts welsh lesson I will investigate if it is possible to attend via video.

Not sure about that. Normally people would be expected to enrol in the usual way but I doubt whether there’s a hard and fast rule governing the way classes run. In practice it may mean that the entire class would have to be run be run through eg Zoom. We did that with the Welsh conversation group during lockdown.

Thanks Guy,

I understand it might not be practicable as every participant would have to agree but at least I now know it is possible. It is just an idea that I shall keep on the back burner until the classes restart and then explore further with the organising authority.

I’d certainly be happy to enrol and pay. Mondays are a day off work for me.

Hi. I’m from South Australia and am looking for people in Australia to practice speaking Welsh with too. Can anybody send me the links for groups to be able to do this please?
Much thanks.

Hi Sebastian,

Our most used resource is welshspeakingpractice. Send an email to and ask to be added to this Slack platform.

Within that group there is a channel “ochr-arall-y-byd” (other side of the world) and you can enroll there where you are more likely to find people who are online and ready to chat at a time suitable to Australian/NZ time zones.

The Americas channel is also sometimes useful as well.

I hope this is useful to you. See you online for a chat sometime.



Diolch yn fawr iawn Andy!

I’ve just sent an email to admin and hopefully will be able to join soon.

Sgwrsio cyn hir!