Australian newcomer

Hi, I attended the 2014 eisteddfod in Llangollen for the first time. It was wonderful. So, inspired by my long dead Welsh grandparents and my memorable eisteddfod experience, I decided to learn Welsh. Have just stumbled on this web site. Are there any other crazy Aussies out there?


Shw mae!

I’m not the one, but, yes here are - Aussies I mean. :slight_smile:

Croeso yma!


… and one or two of them are undoubtedly “crazy” :slight_smile:
Seriously there is a substantial cohort of enthusiastic Aussies and, as far as I can see, an active programme of meetups.

If you poke around, you should find Sionned’s map which shows where people live - someone may even be able to post a link.

Pob lwc learning Welsh.


The please add me to SSiW map or something like this topic.

And here are all The Learners Maps

Enjoy exploring!



There is a regular Skype session at 8:30 pm on the first Thursday of every month, Elizabeth Corbett is the organiser, if you send her a PM I’m sure she will add you to the invitees.

Whereabouts in Australia are you?

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S’mae - we have a very active group of 20 learners and a conversation group once a month in Hobart.

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Pob lwc learning Welsh. Let us know how you get on!

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Hylo. Dw i’n byw yn Upper Gundowring, North East Victoria. I looked on the map and saw that the closest learner is either Melbourne or Canberra (5 hours away by car). I am teaching myself with Kara Lewis’ cd, but I am a slow learner. Nevermind. Slowly and surely I will get to understand and speak a little. At this stage I can book a room at a hotel, a table at a restaurant and order a meal so long as it is madarch mewn garlleg or cig oen.

Felly, Skype sounds like a good idea. I will get back here in a month or so as I will be interstate caring for some grandchildren soon, with not too much time to play at speaking Welsh. I was thrilled to see the answers to my first contribution - thank you.


You just stick to SSiW course and you’ll be able to say many more things. And you’re more then welcome to come here whenever it seams you’re stuck with something.

And don’t say you’re a slow learner. This supremacy is mine - hehe :slight_smile: And that one of being the person who moans the most is mine too. :smiley:

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Thank you Tatjana. Your name is not Welsh, is it? Do you live in Wales?

I will keep at Welsh. I love it!

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No, my name is not Welsh and I live relatively far from Wales. I’m Slovene, live in Slovenia and have no other connection with Cymru (Wales) then love toward language, rugby and country itself. Here’s even more. I’m the only person in my country learning Cymraeg and don’t have any ancesters in Cymru at all.

And … you’re welcome (Croeso) :slight_smile:

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Hi to Aussie Welsh learners,
I’ve been doing the wonderful SSIW lessons for a while now…wondering are there any other in South Australia?


Croeso, Libby. I’m not in Aus or Wales! I live in Scotland, but everyone is very friendly on the Forum and I’m after your signature on a petition! S4C is the only TV Channel in Welsh and is in danger of having its budget cut to the quick by the UK Government. There is a petition to try to show them that the language is valued worldwide. Click this link if you’re willing to sign.

Also, if you click on FAQ ,you will find a map of SSiW folk. To get on that, look for the ‘Please add me to the SSiW map thread’ and post a message. @Sionned will read it and place you in the right place in Australia on the map!
If you have done all that already, sorry to have troubled you! Diolch!

Croeso ar y fforwm @libbydruce.

@Karla is one Ausie, @lynne_freudigmann is another one (I say she’s legend) :slight_smile: @elizabeth_jane is the third and here are others they just don’t come on my mind at the moment. I’m not sure how many from South and how South they live but definately in Austraila. :slight_smile:

Also, if there’s something you need to ask/know or you just want to share your learning moments - being happy or troubled ones - here we are to listen, read and help. If you are eager of Skyping partner who’d help you siarad Cymraeg, you’re also welcome to say so on here or simply go through the already established topics about the subject.

Happy staying, posting, reading and learning.


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@Stevo is Aussie too!

Welcome Libby! Lynne is in Queensland, Karla and I are in Melbourne. But Caroline Cleland lives in SA. I’m sure there are others. We have a monthly Aussie Skype chat which Lynne is coordinating. You’d be welcome to join us!

According to @Sionned 's indispensible map, in South Australia, you have 1 member in Mallala, 1 in Mount Barker and 7 in and around Adelaide (one of my favourite Australian cities). There may, of course, be others who are not yet recorded on the map.

This link may (or may not) show you the SA members. If you click on an icon, you’ll find the member’s forum name.
SA members

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Diolch yn fawr Everyone - thank you for that warm welcome and information.

Henddraig, I have signed the petition, I think it is very important to support Welsh language programs. Sometimes I download podlediadau from Radio Cymry to listen to in the car (even though I pretty much don’t understand a word!!).

Elizabeth, thanks for the invite to Sykpe, although at this stage I’ll keep looking for a local person.

Hewrop thanks for the map, that’s brilliant - Mount Barker is not too far away and I’ll add my location too.

And finally Tatjana thank you for your warm welcome, I am delighted to be able to connect with this online community

hwyl am y tro


Swmae wyverne, I’m Lynne in Brisbane. I’m organising the Skype now so let me know your Skype name and I’ll add you.

Hello Libby if you would like to join the Skype group send me your Skype address and I’ll add you on.

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